Committee Pages

Committees are a normal method of operation for the District, supporting directed efforts for achieving the District goals. Some of committees are mandatory by Toastmasters International policy, some are traditional, and others are optional to meet the specific needs of the top three officers. District 3 is not limited to the committees listed here. Additional committees may be appointed at the discretion of the District Director. Committees always need leadership, team members, and short-term members. Volunteers are welcome. Download a copy of the DEC Meeting Committee Report Template.

David Hopper, DTM
Club Growth Director

Club Growth volunteers should contact the Club Growth Director at the email above. Club Growth Committees:

  • Club Extension
  • Membership
  • Club Assist
  • Club Eagles (13 – 15 clubs)
  • Club Research Chair
  • Club Dues
  • Club Visit Reports

Peter Salazar

Peter Salazar, DTM
Program Quality Director

Program Quality volunteers should contact the Program Quality Director atthe email above. Program Quality Committees:

  • Conference
  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute
  • Distinguished Club Program
  • Speechcraft
  • High Performance Leadership
  • Chief Judge
  • Contest Management
  • Youth Leadership
  • Speaker’s Bureau

James Eng, District Director

JamesĀ Eng, DTM
District Director

Volunteers for Administrative teams should contact the District Director at the email above. Administrative Teams:

  • Logistics Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Past District Director Committee
  • Reallignment
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Historian
  • Facilities
  • Website
  • Parliamentarian
  • Audit Committee
  • District Executive Committee
  • District Council