Education & Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee is responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district.

  • Promote and support quality club programming efforts

  • Promote the Toastmasters’ education program: Pathways

  • Promote the Distinguished Club Program

  • Provide and promote training for all club officers
  • Supervise and coordinate district-wide speech contests
  • Plan and execute the annual District Conference

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Education Chair

The Education Chair promotes Pathways and assists with club questions and training on the Toastmasters education program.

Distinguished Toastmaster Rocky Dole will serve as Education Chair in 2021-2022.

Education Chair
Rocky Dole, DTM

Distinguished Club Program

The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Chair promotes the Distinguished Club Program and assists club leadership with understanding how to develop and execute a Club Success Plan (CSP). The chair oversees this process and serves as a resource for club officers. The chair creates and promotes incentives for clubs actively working their Club Success Plan and achieving distinguished status.

Your 2021–2022 DCP Chair is Tammy Gallagher, DTM. Tammy has been an active member of District 3 Toastmasters for more than 20 years. She has previously served as Area Governor twice, Division Director, DCP Chair, and has served on the Nominating Committee and facilitated TLI sessions. Tammy has also served as panel moderator for the past four annual Area Director Forums, an event sponsored by Leaders for Tomorrow Toastmasters to help identify and promote leaders for District 3. Tammy believes district leadership provides the experience everyone needs to gain confidence and develop leadership skills. Tammy is a member of two clubs, serving as officer in both.

Tammy is a 30-year employee of Bank of America and is proud to say she is a charter member of the BA AZ Toastmasters Club, established in 1995. When not at work, at Toastmasters, or BofA, Tammy spends time with family, including her grandson, and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new granddaughter summer 2021.

DCP Chair
Tammy Gallagher, DTM

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) is offered to the members of District 3 bi-annually, in the winter and summer months. Its main purpose is to train and equip club officers to lead their respective clubs to success! By attending TLI, club officers will learn the tools needed to not only help them carryout the Toastmasters mission in their clubs, but also grow personally and professionally.

The TLI chair is responsible for collaboratively working with other members to organize registration, develop curriculum, and plan successful training events.

Your 2021–2022 TLI chair is Lisa Raymond, DTM.  Bio TBD.

Visit the TLI Webpage

TLI Chair
Lisa Raymond, DTM


The annual District Conference is an exciting educational and networking event for District members. It is held annually in the month of May. The purpose of the District Conference is to:

  • Provide a venue for the District Business Meeting
  • Provide a venue for District Speech Contests
  • Provide communication and leadership training opportunities that support the district mission
  • Provide opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas
  • Recognize and celebrate member, club, and District accomplishments

The Conference Chair oversees the work of the committees and sub-committees and coordinates efforts that lead to a fun and enriching conference experience.

Your 2021-2022 Conference Chair is Wendy Durfee, DTM. Wendy joined Toastmasters in 2013 with one goal in mind, to improve her communication skills. Her leadership skills have also grown through her club officers’ roles, Area Director, Spring Conference Chair, and her support with other district committees.  Wendy is genuinely excited for the 2022 District Conference event the committee is planning for our members.

Conference Chair

Wendy Durfee, DTM

District Contest Manager

The District Contest Manager provides training and resources for all speech contests; and is charged with managing the District speech contests. The District Contest Manager serves as the District expert on speech contest management, the first line of contact for members with questions on speech contest processes, agendas, and contest non-judging forms/documents. We have 2 Contest Managers for 2021-2022 season!

Edna has worked in debt collections for mortgages and auto loans since 2004. She joined Toastmasters in 2018 and is a member of a corporate club, Stagecoach Speakers-Chandler. Edna has served her club as VP of Public Relations, President, and currently as VP of Education for the second year in a row. She is a two-time Area Director, serving for Ocotillo Area 6 and and again Ocotillo Area 1. Edna is powering through two paths: Leadership Development and Dynamic Leadership. She competed in area contests in 2020 and received 2nd place in Tall Tales. Edna is very experienced in supporting contests, previously serving as Chief Judge twice, Judge, Timer, and Ballot Counter. She is excited to serve as the Contest Manager this year along with Chief Judge, Sara Mayer.

Contest Management Chair
Edna Saucke

Jill Kipnes (IP5, DL1, CL) has been a member of the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) Toastmasters club since September, 2017 and completed the Innovative Planning Path in 2020. Jill is very involved with Toastmasters on all levels – Club, Area, and District. For the Junior League of Phoenix Club, Jill recently completed her term as President and served as VP Membership from 2018-20. She is proud of how she guided her club members through this difficult year and helped her club become President’s Distinguished for the 4th consecutive year. Jill served as a club co-coach for the U-Haul club and served as the Verde 5 Speech Contest Manager in March, 2020. Jill has been a volunteer at TLI multiple times and looks forward to volunteering on the District level in the new year. In addition to Toastmasters, Jill is the President of the Junior League of Phoenix Foundation and is an active volunteer through the Junior League of Phoenix. When Jill is not volunteering, she works as a paralegal and tax professional.

Contest Management Chair
Jill Kipnes

Training Chair

The Training Chair focuses on training for clubs and members over zoom. They work with all Trio members to determine the training needs for District 3 members. This chair will work to find presenters to cover topics and will schedule training sessions and promote with clubs.

Your training chair for 2021-2022 is Colleen McNeese

Training Chair
Colleen McNeese

District Chief Judge

The District Chief Judge provides training, resources and oversight for all speech contests. The District Chief Judge:

  • Serves as the District expert on speech contests, the first line of contact for members with questions on speech contest rules and judging procedures

  • Assists members with finding speech contest rules, ballots, and other judging forms/documents

  • Maintains the District judges/chief judges list. Members who complete judges/chief judges training will have their name included on the District list for up to three years

  • Serves as the Chief Judge for District speech contests at our annual Conference

Your Chief Judge for 2021-2022 is Sara Mayer, DTM, the former Palo Verde Division Director. She has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Sandra Day O’Connor Community Service Award. She is a founding member of the Joyride Society, serves on the Association of Junior League International Governance Committee, and most importantly, a licensed foster parent to two teen daughters and a strong advocate for foster youth.

District Chief Judge
Sara Mayer, DTM

Distuingished Toastmaster Program

The Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Chair serves as a resource for district members seeking to complete an HPL project or in developing their DTM project. They also promote the Speechcraft and Youth Leadership programs, serving as a resource for members engaging as program coordinators. For Information on each item please see below

HPL/DTM Project

The HPL project is required for: Effective Coaching, Innovative Planning, Persuasive Influence, Motivational Strategies and as an elective for other Level 5 projects. The DTM project is required for all Pathways and utilizes the HPL format to organize the project.

The purpose of the Distinguished Toastmaster project or the High Performance Leadership (HPL) project is to apply your leadership and planning knowledge to develop a project plan, organize a guidance committee, lead others, and execute your plan with the help of a team. The DTM or HPL project can be any project chosen by the leader.

Youth Leadership

Every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed. The program’s unique eight-session, workshop-style design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience.

The program is not in competition with school programs or courses, or other established youth projects. Instead, it’s a supplement to these programs, providing emphasis on specialized speaking and leadership skills, and individual needs.

The Youth Leadership Program is structured as an eight session delivery model, assuming each session is 90 -120 minutes in length. Learn more about the Youth Leadership Program


The Speechcraft digital experience was created for experienced members to help others become Speechcrafters—essentially the best communicators they can be! You will be given materials to help you recruit five people and be the coordinator of a four-, six- or eight-session Speechcraft event that will boost your participants’ confidence and improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills—all within the safe Toastmasters environment. Plus, Toastmasters members who become coordinators can earn DTM credit!

Your 2021-2022 DTM Chair is Steve Broe

Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. In 1995, he opened Arizona’s first Core Knowledge School chartered by the Arizona Department of Education. Steve has won numerous awards for public speaking, and has instructed undergraduate and graduate programs since 2001 with the Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix and New England College.

Steve Broe has published four books on leadership.   His most recent book, 52 Tips For Leaders: A Year of Career Growth was released in August, 2017.

Steve is also an amateur clarinetist; he specializes in the use of the bass clarinet.  During his time in isolation because of the Covid 19 virus, he has been teaching himself to play the double bass (upright string bass).

DTM Chair
Steve Broe


Your 2021-2022 Mentor Chair is Tom Tiboni, DTM.  Tom joined Toastmasters in 2010 just after moving to Arizona and has been involved with Leaders Plus as well as two different corporate clubs. He has served the district in various leadership roles, twice as an Area Director and once as the Club Retention Chair. During his year as Club Retention Chair he was able to provide coaches to save 14 clubs from closing. Tom earned his DTM in 2017 and is working three paths: Dynamic Leadership, Strategic Relationships, and Engaging Humor. Tom is also part of a non-profit organization in Arizona where he supports fundraising for the LGBTQA+ community.

Mentorship Chair
Tom Tiboni, DTM

Speakers Bureau

Visit the Speakers Bureau Webpage

The district 3 speakers bureau is a select group of motivated and accomplished Toastmasters who are looking to further their speaking outside of Toastmasters in a variety of areas. The members will learn to reach a larger and more diverse audience, gain experience and get unbiased feedback on their presentations while advancing their speaking careers.

Organizations needing an experienced speaker for their event can find one at the District 3 Speakers Bureau. District 3 speakers are experienced in public speaking and eager to share their information, entertain, or inform your audience.

These outside speaking engagements provide opportunities to further develop professional-level public speaking skills while promoting the Toastmasters mission. This is your chance to get your message out to the community and grow your professional speaking portfolio.

The speaker’s bureau is for ALL active Toastmasters in good standings that are looking to…

  • Gain the tools to apply to become an accredited Toastmaster speaker.
  • Expand your professional speaking career.
  • Improve your presentation skills to speak to groups outside of Toastmasters.
  • Learn how to get on more stages for civic, government, or professional organizations to teach or inspire.
  • Learn how to start your professional speaking career.

There are multiple paths within the speaker’s bureau based on YOUR professional speaking goals. There are minimum attendance and training requirements to join and be actively listed in District 3’s Speakers Bureau.

Your 2021-2022 Speakers Bureau Chair is Steve Feld, DTM. He has been a Toastmaster since 2016. He has been the president of Maverick Toastmasters and is the VP of Membership. Been an Area Director and was District 3’s Public Relations Manager in 2020-2021. An active member on many committees within the district.  Steve is excited to bring the best of Toastmasters to the members and community.  The Speakers Bureau highly encourages all who are passionate about sharing their ideas/message to join no matter what your speaking level is but are willing to learn and improve your speaking skills.

Speakers Bureau Chair
Steve Feld, DTM