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To get members excited about attending meetings

To help members recall “why” they joined and what they are getting out of it

To inspire a creative process that can lead to WOW!

To build on the natural high that comes from accomplishments

To generate the habit of sharing and learning by using various forms of media for connecting with one another

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Superstition Toastmasters

Have you ever heard a profoundly inspirational quote that just blew your mind?

A very important portion of every TM meeting are the WOW (words of wisdom). This is a portion, generally at the end of the meeting, were a fellow toastmaster member shares incredibly impactful messages delivered in just a few words.

We had a fun meeting. The WOW (Word of Wisdom) were wow!!!!

“Don’t live your life based on other people “likes””

“Fair”, you will find in a parks with roller coasters and games. Life is not “fair”……… but YOU must be fair.

New Horizons Toastmasters

Our Club had a Broadcast News Interview Table Topics. There was a reported alien encounter the previous night. Our New Horizons News interviewed those who claimed to have saw interesting things and those who claimed something different happened. It ended with an encounter with the possible alien from the previous night! More details to follow on the next broadcast.

It was a very intensive impromptu Table Topics. The Table Topics master (who played the anchor had a news channel Zoom background.) The members were forced to think on their feet for more than 1-2 minutes. They had to do so the entire Table Topics. The interview was planned so that the Table Topics master was the news anchor and would interview someone who saw lights in the sky, or a spaceship, or the actual alien. Then the nonbelievers (people who think something else happened) would interrupt and try to poke holes in the people who saw things argument with their own theories. Then, those who saw things had to respond to their rebuttal. There were also flipflops (people who changed their position on aliens as they heard both sides) and they interrupted both sides. It was a huge verbal volley back and forth. It was also incredible funny to hear their off the cuff responses to why/why not an alien came to Chandler last night. They did a great job moving the conversation along. Also, our “Alien” did a great job dressing for the part and brought the entertainment to the meeting.

New Horizons Toastmasters

Our Theme for Our Meeting was “Press Conference.” Each of the members had a Hollywood background because they were all attending a Hollywood premiere and fielding press questions. They had the choice of answering political or nonpolitical questions. They also had the choice of medium or hard questions. The challenge of the press conference theme was to answer each question without directly answering or taking a position regardless of personal beliefs, much like an actual press conference. Some members showed up with props such as trophies they had won to incorporate that into the question, such as “Congratulations on winning your award in…..” “What are your thought on….?”

The members were able to improvise and use humor in their character roles. For example: I asked whether nuclear bombs should be banned worldwide, and one member decided to take on the role of the leader of a Banana Republic. He did a great job explaining why other countries needed to stop, but he still needed them for himself. For another question I asked about their feeling toward the antivaccine movement, and the member took on the role of the CEO of a corporation. He did a great job explaining how it’s all about profit. It doesn’t matter what your selling, you have to find a way to market it to your audience. How he wants to sell things to the people who like vaccines and the anti vaccine people, as well. They did a good gob of portraying a balanced approach to each question without giving an answer. They did a great gob of using vocal variety. the leader of the Banana Republic spoke quietly, but with authority. The CEO of the corporation spoke quickly and with arrogance. I think they all did a great job portraying the characters they chose.

Walkie Talkies Toastmasters

Stacy Brookman, used a Zoom Poll listing three topic options from which club members voted for the topic of her speech. This was the Zoom version of the Impromptu Speech selection method. Her intro was: Here’s my speech intro in case you need that:

Today’s talk is a club choose-your-own-adventure. Before our speaker begins, please vote for the topic you’d like her to speak on:

1) Should I ask for a raise in a pandemic?
2) Your attention is being bought and sold
3) Raising your adversity quotient

Please vote quickly. This is the choose-your-own adventure part. Whichever topic gets the most votes, she’ll speak on. While you’re voting, let me introduce our speaker of the day. Our speaker wants to live in a world where people feel free to tell their stories. Where people regularly give and receive respect. Where people value themselves and others. Have we decided the topic? Please welcome, Stacy Brookman speaking on: (name deciding topic)”

Participating in the poll was engaging for club members and a unique challenge for Stacy to immediately give a speech on the “winning” topic. The polling and speech were executed so professionally, other members now want to do the same. In addition to giving a terrific speech, Stacy inspired club members to incorporate more technology into their future presentations.

WeMAR-kable Speakers

The Table Topics Master, Arthur Hasher and Charlie (the bare-eyed Cockatoo) used the Chatterbox or otherwise called Paper Fortune Teller to challenge members to pick a color and then a number for challenging topic.

This was something visually you could do on line that took us all back to childhood memories. Where we had to pick a color and a number to find our question and Charlie the bird joined in. The Theme of the meeting was Predictions and the inside of the “Chatterbox” was multiple questions revolving around the theme. Charlie chose Green and the # 7 his questions was Nostradamus but he just squawked about it.

Superstition Toastmasters

One of the speakers used a PowerPoint presentation to introduce herself to the club. Her name is MariaAngelica Deeb and cleverly used “Maria” and “Deeb” to define the words and letters that assist her in defining who she is.

Maria stated: I am
M- morning person (yes – I wake up every morning, including weekends at 3:30am and start work before 5am)
A-absolutely family oriented (my day revolves around my family)
R– Really loved and in love (MY luck is that I am loved and I love – my parents, sister and husband they are my all – we are all for one and one for all)
I- I am Incredibly loyal, generous and stubborn (yes-I will be your friend until you break my trust, I forgive but never forget, and I am generous to a fault with my time and resources)
A- Akido-ist enthusiast

MariaAngelica did a great job of sharing part of who she is and played with her last name’s letters to conclude:

MariaAngelica, I am

D-Delighted with whom I am
E – Excited with the potential to improve and grow
E- Encourage that my life will make the world better, my corner anyway
B – Beautiful in and out!

New Horizons Toastmasters

Our theme for Table Topics was “Whose Line is it Anyways?” We decided to take improv ideas from the television show and interpret them in our own way. We did three of the tv shows ideas between our members: Questions only (where the members have a conversation about a theme (camping) but are only allowed to speak in questions), Alphabet (where the members have to have a conversation about a theme(customer at restaurant) alternation lines beginning with different letters until they complete the alphabet) and Number of words (where the members have a conversation about a theme (wild west saloon fight) but can only speak sentences in a specific number of words).

All three improv ideas were very challenging and required the members to keep track of what the other member said in order to respond an appropriate question, sentence with the correct number of words, or sentence that starts with the correct letter. During the Television show, the actors often went off topic if they couldn’t think of something fast enough. This rarely happened. During all three improvs, the members were able to think on their feet and keep the conversation going. They also did a great job playing off each other, instilling humor into the conversation and using vocal variety.

Midtown Toast Pros

Midtown Toast Pros held a Murder Mystery themed meeting on 2/23 that was a lot of fun!

Table Topics were centered around “clues” to the murderer and members had to talk about the clues and guess who committed the crime and why. Everyone was laughing and smiling – plus it was a more challenging topics session because of the unique format and thinking outside of the box. Everyone loved it, Great job!

Think Tank

This was our February monthly meeting & the theme was: The Power of Love in Leadership

Think Tank members & even our welcome guests did a great job of showing two infrequently blended powers of Love & Leadership.

They bought into the theme by decorating their Zoom meeting “space” with decorations reflecting love/Valentine’s Day or dressed in the red, pink & white colors of Valentines Day.

Think Tank member Nancy Duckett wore holiday colored clothing AND displayed a decorated “sign post” behind her displaying the words Leadership, Love & Laughter. That covered the theme very well & was quite an original decoration!

Some members & guests discussed or mentioned at various points in the meeting how they thought leadership actually does reflect different aspects of love.

Effective leaders have the ability to be kind and/or loving in how they lead & how they relate to others in their world.

New Horizons Toastmasters

We held a Talent Show meeting. The theme/idea of the meeting was to give members a chance to do something auditory/performative that would be outside the norms of a normal Toastmasters meeting. During table topics, a poem was written and performed, a rap was written and performed, and jokes were told. The speech for the meeting was a solo act where the member verbally and physically acted out two roles to show us how she would act in certain situations (stress, calming down, advising someone in the pandemic).

It was wonderful to see the members talents. During the rap, our member managed to improv “ad hockery” (the word of the day) into his rap. The solo act was sensational. our members were laughing, entertained. and left with useful tips on how to stay less stressed. We had a guest member who had not been active in Toastmasters in several years. He enjoyed the meeting. He left saying he had never seen anything like this before and was interested in becoming a member.

New Horizons Toastmasters

Our club held a baby showered themed meeting on December 1st. Two of our members, Rochelle and Scott Manley were expecting their first child in December. We planned the Table Topics around both of them getting the chance to ask all of the members any parenting advice. Not all of the members have children, so there was a diversity in questions and responses. We also learned a lot about our fellow members as parents and grandparents. We had baby showered themed Disney backgrounds (except for our timer) and we had links included for their registry.

This is the first pregnancy within the club and also two of our members. Rochelle has given a speech previously in our club about her and Scott’s difficult road to pregnancy. Rochelle ended up giving birth hours after the meeting! She was scheduled for two weeks later! I think Enzo (her son) really loved our advice and thought they were well prepared! The timing of our advice and baby Enzo is why I think this is a WOW.

Fountain Hills Toastmasters

I wanted to share with everyone an incredible Toastmasters success story during these challenging Covid-19 times. our home club, Fountain Hills #6993, had one of the most uplifting meetings on November 11, 2020. Antares Hagman, a member of our club, was almost killed a few weeks ago in a horrific car accident; where he was an Uber driver with his customers and was broadsided by another car in Phoenix running a red light. Antares has always dreamed of being a professional speaker since he heard Tony Robbins speak a few years ago, Will Neuman, one of our members, has mentored Antares and all of the members our Fountain Hills club have always believed Antares will achieve his goal with the help of Toastmasters and his relentless drive to success. Antares has had surgeries on his brain and right leg, as well as other critical medical care these last few weeks. Last night our club had the theme of “Veteran’s Day Highlights” with Antares returning to our club’s ZOOM meeting from his rehabilitation hospital bed. I had the privilege of asking Antares the first Table Topics question of the evening, he instantly responded “he was ready”. His question was please explain how you feel about this Veteran’s Day Quote: “May We Think of Freedom, Not as the Right to Do as We Please, But as the Opportunity to Do What is Right” by Peter Marshall. Antares immediately responded with an eloquent explanation of “Doing What is Right”.

Antares returning to our club’s ZOOM meeting from his rehabilitation hospital bed and responding immediately to the first Table Topics question of the evening, he instantly responded “he was ready”. His question was please explain how you feel about this Veteran’s Day Quote: “May We Think of Freedom, Not as the Right to Do as We Please, But as the Opportunity to Do What is Right” by Peter Marshall. Antares immediately responded with an eloquent explanation of “Doing What is Right”. Antares ran over time last night, but it did not matter, he used the word of the day ( our club suspended the time rules) and Antares won table topics and showed all of us “this is what Toastmasters is really about and this is one of the reasons we all volunteer @ Toastmasters”. Antares will succeed and our club has the honor of having him with us as part of our journey.

Airpark Toastmasters

Sheena Moore, one of our newest club members WOWed us on October 22nd when she gave her Ice Breaker speech, ‘One Little Lie’. She guided us through parts of her life using a clever trick of telling us 3 truths and a lie. We learned she climbed Mount Fuji at 13, interned at Entertainment Tonight in LA, had a humorous altercation with a first-grade classmate, and has a 3 year old daughter, 18 month old son and bonus teenage kids. She left us all wanting more details and stories which she will certainly provide in the weeks, months and years to come. We think it is club WoW because of her unique approach to her ice breaker, her confidence, and excellence in delivering her first speech.

New Horizons Toastmasters

For our Table Topics during our meeting, we held a Murder Mystery. The Table Topics Master assigned the roles of the meeting through our individual chat (so that nobody knew what the other roles were ahead of time.) Each member was  given a brief description of the role (killer, victim, red herring, distraught wife, etc.) The Table Topics Master left it up to the member how they chose to play each part. The member who would play the person who found the victim to describe the murder as much as possible, because the rest of the roles would base their table topics off of what they said. All the members turned their cameras off. Then a noise went off (from the host computer.) Then the Table Topics Master instructed the members to turn their cameras back on (the victim was instructed in the chat to keep the camera off until Table Topics was over). All the members knew then, who the victim was. Then, the detective spent 2 minutes interviewing each role. The detective only knew who found the dead body and who the spouse was. The detective was unaware of who was playing what role as the other interviews went on (red herring, murderer). Afterwards, with the input of the members, the detective was allowed an additional two minutes each to interview two more suspects to narrow the investigation. The killer would have to confess at that point. (No members were harmed in the making of this Table Topics.) This allowed the members to show off their impromptu speaking. creativity, and showed off their humorous skills. They also did a great job keeping track of previous clues and motives and incorporating that into their Table Topics. They was even a sketch of the killer drawn and uploaded by one of the members! They did such a good job, they were able to confuse each other about who the killer was!

Superstition Toastmasters

We all experience grief, and it is necessary we understand what grief is, own it, deal with this grief and do it well. There are “benefits” of grief and it’s important to acknowledge that within the sadness and grief of loss, it is possible to find positives. The fact is that we are all going to grieve or are doing so now. We all grieve and we can help ourselves and those that are grieving. The fact that we feel so strongly our loss is a reflection of how much love and value we had and often still have for the person or thing that was lost.

This knowledge and understanding is a powerful way of “transforming” grief into a reflection of value and love.

Loss and grief is how we start a new chapter or stage in our lives; which can be a time of rocky transitions and painful changes, it may also be a time of growth and adaptation to a new norm.

The presentation defined in simple terms What grief is and the psychology behind it, including its causes, symptoms, and the 5 stages people experience while grieving. the takeaway from the speech was 6 practical tips and ideas for coping with and navigating grief in a healthy way. We all need this, specially in this time when we are grieving for the “norm” that are live had, we are grieving people lost due to COVID-19, or are grieving the loss of a job or financial stability. these practical tips are:

1. Don’t put time-limits on your grief., 2. Resist comparing your grief to other people’s., 3. Spend time grieving intentionally., 4. Seek out the right kind of social support., 5. Allow yourself you feel more than just sadness., 6. Take self-care seriously.

View the Powerpoint: 2020-2021-Toastmasters-WOW-submit-10072020-Grief

From Pen to Podium

Kristy Hopper’s presentation today was about Halloween Facts & Myths; Kristy used an engaging PowerPoint presentation along with a poll in the meeting to ask the audience members true or false questions on the subject of Halloween.

The use of a visually exciting slideshow with the added audience engagement created a unique and interesting experience during a club meeting. Not only is the subject matter fun and entertaining, audience members were introduced to some interesting information about the history of the celebration and customs. The use of polls along with slides kept the audience very engaged with the presentation and content. Using polls in presentations or meetings is a good way to keep audience actively engaged and involved. Creativity WOWs the crowd!

UA FM Toastmasters

David created a Halloween themed Table Topics in Powerpoint call Smashing Pumpkins Table Topics. Once a member answered the question they choose the next pumpkin to smash and it revival the Table Topic question.

It was a fun and inventive way of holding table topics. David added an “extra point” to anyone who could name the movie associated with the picture.

New Horizons Toastmasters

New Horizons entry is a table read of the Seinfeld episode “The Parking Garage.” The members in the video are Andre Le Fleur,  Anand Vijayachandran,  Chris Han-Adebekun, Jay Deshpande,  Jeffery Leland Morud, Jim L Wallburg,    Kimberly Yvonne Humphreys,  Rani V Kumar,  Wendy Ong Sollars,  Sabina Paglialunga, and Sithari Edirisooriya

This gave the members a chance to use their improvisational skills and creativity to challenge themselves in our new, virtual format. They were able to use props, make physical gestures, and enhance their humorous skills through vocal variety. This is also a club challenge to “WOW ” the meetings by changing the format. The other members who did not participate in the reading enjoyed it and gave valuable feedback.

WeMAR-kable Speakers

Our Newest Member gave her Icebreaker Speech. The Toastmaster passed “Ice Breaker” Mint Candy “virtually” thru Zoom – New member caught it and displayed the Ice Breaker candy to the audience as a award for completing her first Speech. You can see the audience laughter and expressions of fun on the attached pictures. It is difficult to present members awards via online meetings. This was pre-planned where both the Toastmaster and the newest member giving her icebreaker purchased the same color (flavor) of mints to acknowledge her first speech and the audience reaction was WOW. We felt this was a creative way to give someone congratulations for their speech in a online meeting venue.

From Pen to Podium

This was not your typical online club meeting with David Hopper as Toastmaster. Between each meeting transition, David Hopper held polls about each member (with two lies and one truth). Other members has to guess and vote for the item they thought true. After the poll completed, the member would reveal the truth.

It was a fun way to get to know members better and it was a really fun way to break up the various parts of a standard meeting. It added excitement and increased member engagement during the meeting.

WeMAR-kable Speakers

Our timer, Scott Upton, used a virtual streetlight to time speakers and evaluators It was not available as an option on our Toastmaster website. It was an original idea that was not offered by any of the Toastmaster websites that I’m aware of. It was a lot of fun watching everyone put on the brakes when time came near. People were literally “racing” to their goals!


At our August S.L.E.E.K. meeting, members traveled through a “Time Machine,” led by our Toastmaster and Zoom Master who recently moved and hosted from the East Coast. Each member picked their favorite decade, from the 1920s to the 1990s and dressed up, customized their Zoom background and shared fun moments and memories of those times.
The theme carried through the meeting, from our pre-meeting socializing, to our round-robin session for quick updates, Table Topics and even the two speeches. Everyone had something to share about their favorite time and memories; favorite junk food from the past (Fudge Rounds), music of the 70s (The Doors), 90s (NSYNC) and memories of a grandmother. The speeches even incorporated travel in time with lessons learned, life events, lifetime friendships, and a look towards the future. Our three guests including one from Chicago were able to join in the fun and tell us about their favorite decades. This was the best meeting ever, enhanced by Zoom.

This was a Club WOW! because the theme helped members express themselves in creative ways, taking advantage of all the possibilities offered in the Zoom environment. The “Time Machine” opened the door to a fun and engaging meeting that gave us a reason to reveal a little more about ourselves. It was a wonderful way to learn new things we would never have known about fellow club members.
All in all, everyone thought it was a great meeting and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing and sharing.


This is a time in which we need to be reminded of the GREATNESS of being an American. Some toastmaster’s club members where born in the USA, others became a USA citizen. This WOW moment was shared by an immigrant that chose to become a citizen. The speech reminded us all that being an American means sharing a commitment to a set of values and ideals. These values are written in the constitution and bill of rights, and they should stand for solidarity. These give us the strength to pursue disruptive justice or the need to be better and help America be better. This pursuit starts with us taking the responsibility for being a solidarity beacon to one another. Some forms of American solidarity have been less inclusive than others, demanding much more than simply the desire to affiliate. This speech is a call to action for us to be more that just affiliates…………..

Sometimes it takes an “outsider” or immigrant to remind all of the democracy and life we have here in the USA. Genuine democracy demands solidarity. If democratic activity involves not just voting, but also deliberation, then people must make an effort to listen to and understand one another. This toastmaster club makes an effort to listen and understand, therefore is a WOW moment that I hope all toastmaster clubs can share.


Awshee gave a speech called “Intertwined by Design” on her speech she explained her journey with Sahuarita Toastmasters and how it helped her with her personal development and career change. She has a background in engineering and Sahuarita Toastmasters has helped her to come out of her shell. I have seen her grow for the past year and it is quite fun to see her more relaxed and truly just show her emotions. She left her engineering career to become a life coach. That is an inspiring change!!! Her speech was emotional, inspiring and motivational!!!

Awshee is a true example of how we can exercise different parts of our brain when it comes to public speaking. It is not going to be easy to get out of your comfort zone, but our club is very supportive and respectful of our members that we feel comfortable with the uncomfortable. At times, it feels that we are having a therapy session as we can definitely see ourselves changing and evolving along with out toastmaster fellow members.

Our meetings start at 5:45 and end at 7:15 on Thursdays and no matter how tired we are or how bad of a day we have. We show up and it always feels good to have attended the meeting. We end up refreshed and happy after feeding our brains.

WeMAR-kable Speakers

Club Member was our Table Topics Master and she used a Wheel of Fortune to share the screen and spin the wheel. Colleen had typed in the questions and a member was called. The chosen member would spin the wheel and answer the question using not only the word of the day but the statement on the wheel.

This was a club WOW because it allowed the Table Topics Master to use the shared screen feature on Zoom and it was interactive with the chosen speaker. It also amplified the challenge for the Table Topic Speaker to not only use the Word of the Day in the question presented but also include the phrase that the Wheel of Fortune landed on. It was great entertainment for the club and a fun challenge for the participants.

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STEP 1: Members share your WOW! “See it – Share it – WOW! it”

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  1. A Computer Messenger Bag – item 6819 ($25)
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    Note: To redeem the $25 in District Bucks, the order must be placed with the District before 6/15/2021. If the District Bucks credit hasn’t been redeemed by 6/15/2021, a Toastmasters International Gift Certificate will be issued.  District Bucks can combined with other District Bucks incentives.

(A substitution of a gift item may be necessary if an above gift item from the Toastmasters International Shop or a specific gift card is no longer available)

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To be entered in the vote for Club WOW! of the Year, Club WOW! submissions must be received before June 15, 2021

STEP 6: For the “Club WOW! of the Year” award, whether the Club WOW! came from a member or an entire club, the respective club will receive a catered meal valued at about $200. The club winning “Club WOW! of the Year” will receive a Certificate for “Club WOW! of the Year” and a meal catered at their meeting. Additionally, a photo and caption may be displayed on the District 3 website EVENTS Photo Gallery, in addition to appearing on the Club WOW! web page.

NOTE: Clubs may participate in Club WOW! and submit their “Club WOW! of the Month” to Club WOW! for posting on the web page, at their discretion. It is not required, but if you don’t submit, your club won’t have a chance to have their Club WOW!s displayed on the District 3 Club WOW! web page, or have a chance to win “Club WOW! of the Year” 2020-2021.

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