Candidate Corner

Traditionally at a Toastmasters Spring Conference, there is a ‘Candidate Showcase’, a session where the candidates for the positions of elected office in the District would be interviewed regarding their candidacy. We have done our best to recreate that for our virtual conference with this Virtual Candidate Showcase. All candidates conducted interviews with Michael Holian, DTM, DLC chair. The top three offices were given interviews of ten minutes each, as was the contested division contest. All unopposed Division Director candidates were given five minutes. The questions were specific to the office, but in the office, each candidate had the opportunity to answer the same questions.

These are the video transcripts of those interviews. The video was recorded from two different sources, and if needed, audio gaps from the primary recording were filled in with the audio from the second recording. With that exception, all video content is unedited from the time the interview commenced until it completed.

We hope these interviews help you know your DLC candidates better.