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Get acquainted with Executive Toastmasters Club #759261!

Executive Banner

If you happen to be passing by Atria Bell Court on the Eastside of Tucson between 6:00 and 7:15pm on any given Monday night, you will likely hear peals of laughter, whoops of excitement, and boisterous applause. Who is having all the fun? Executive Toastmasters are…join us!

Executive Toastmasters is an extraordinary club.  Not only are they a warm and welcoming group, but they are also a club that values its member’s time and talents.  Executive Toastmasters meetings follow the structure of most Toastmaster meetings, but with a little something extra. Each meeting opens with the Toastmaster setting the tone for the meeting using a pre-chosen theme.  After the Toastmaster’s opening remarks, a member serving as the Educational Subjects speaker for the evening gives a 3-5 minute presentation on one aspect of being a Toastmaster: from an overview of Advanced Manuals to a how-to session on effective PowerPoint presentations.  Each meeting continues smoothly and with enthusiasm as members perform their functionary roles to the best of their abilities.  The highlight of every Executive Toastmaster meeting is the speakers, and most meetings have three speakers!  Because of the diversity and eclectic backgrounds of their membership, the caliber of the speeches at Executive always inspire, teach, and entertain - week after week.

Samples of speeches completed in the last six months at Executive Toastmasters include, but are not limited to…
…a member speaking English, Malay, Arabic, and Japanese in one “Four Languages” speech
…a member demonstrating the power and pizzazz of a “Bruce Lee Punch”
…a member explaining the complexity and value of “Video Game Ratings”
…a member analyzing “Leadership Lessons Learned on the Playground”
…a member interpreting business etiquette with “Tips to Connecting in a Disconnected World”
…a member disclosing their language learning in the speech “I am Chinese and So Can You”

Executive Group Photo

Relatively new to the District 3 landscape, the first organizational meeting was in January, 2010.   During the coming months the name Executive Toastmasters was voted upon and the club chartered in July 2010.  Currently they boast a roster of 23 active members and have earned President's Distinguished Club three years running!

If you want a warm, welcoming atmosphere with a membership that inspires and impresses you week after week, please visit Executive Toastmasters. You will be glad you did.

Check out our website or like us on our Facebook page.

Well Done! ToastmastersGet acquainted with Well Done! Toastmasters Club #719507!

Q: What could be more fun and gratifying than a Toastmasters meeting? A: A Toastmasters meeting with dinner included! The summer of 2004, there were a couple of monthly dinner meetings taking place in the District, and some of the members of Epicurean TM agreed with then-Area Governor Rose Beeson that there might also be a place for a less gourmet alternative--one that would meet in city parks, in members' homes, and in casual restaurants. Thinking of back yard barbeques, in a lively org session they named the club "Well Done!" and Charter Member Tim Swearingen was able to convince WHQ to allow the exclamation point as part of their name. Their motto was, "Catch it, kill it, stick it, grill it! Well Done!" (Not sure WHQ knew about the new club's motto...) They chartered in September, 2004.

Well Done!

Well Done!One of Well Done!'s voluntary functionary roles is that of Host, who chooses the venue. It must have a private room with a door, and be in the <$25 range for dinner. Some of our members appreciate the option of an adult beverage with dinner, and over the years, the motto became, "Pop it, Pour it, Clink it, Drink it! Well Done!" (Again,perhaps a departure from WHQ alignment...)

Always a bit of a rogue club, the meetings are boisterous and laughter-filled. There is even a club-level candlelight DTM Ceremony for members who have reached that lofty goal. Focusing on leadership excellence, Well Done! has an appointed officer, "Recognition Chair," who leads appreciation of members' achievements both in the Toastmasters leadership and education programs and in their personal lives. Most of the members of the club have served as district leaders, and nearly all belong to at least one additional club, although that is no longer a requirement.

To the Toastmasters International mission of the club, Well Done! adds, "We strive to excel in recognition and leadership, in an informal social atmosphere, mentoring our members and fellow Toastmasters and having fun."

Well Done!Well Done! is a Legacy Club, District 3's status of reaching "Distinguished or better" in three consecutive years. We would welcome you as a guest at 6:30 p.m. on the third Friday night of the month; check welldone.toastmastersclubs.org for the location. On December 20, it's at the Stadium Club at 940 N. Alma School, Chandler, 85224. Bring a wrapped white elephant gift for a fun exchange--complete with "stealing"--hosted by Roy Schott.

Despite lacking the distinctive exclamation point, we quote a venerable historical figure for our current motto:
"Well Done is better than well said."
- Benjamin Franklin



Get acquainted with ProjectMasters Club #1703129!

ProjectMasters Banner

ProjectMasters is the only TM club in AZ where PMPs can get PDUs! What? TLAs (three-letter abbreviations) you don’t recognize? Yes, most organizations have their own language, and Project Management Institute (PMI) is no exception.


Over seven years ago, PMI determined that an important part of project management was presentation of results. Because many of their members were professionally focused on IT (think “geeks”) and unaccustomed to speaking in front of groups of any size, they reached out to Toastmasters International and sponsored a club in 2006.

They added a bonus. The members of PMI who have credentialed as a Project Management Professional (PMP) are required to earn sixty Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years. The Phoenix Chapter of PMI went through the red tape required by their global organization to register and legitimize the granting of PDUs for participation in this Toastmasters club. Many of the members have their PMP credential and claim 1.5 PDUs per meeting. Even guests are allowed to claim PDUs once.

Project MastersHowever, it is an open club and about half its members are not project managers. Those who are PMs are not just in IT, either. Some are in construction, and a couple are in marketing. The mix is varied, the membership is diverse, and the speeches are interesting. The comment most frequently heard from guests is, “I had no idea what to expect. There’s sure a lot of laughter!” Guests become members and all seven officers have one eye on the DCP—now, there’s one you recognize! The club has been Distinguished or better for the last three years, becoming a Legacy Club last year. Please consider visiting (we meet at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday nights of the month at Executive Training Solutions on McDowell at 49th St.), and if you’re a project manager with your PMP, experience the joy of “double dipping!”

For more information, please complete the contact form at our website.


Get acquainted with NAAAP Phoenix Toastmasters Club #1703129!

NAAAP Phoenix Toastmasters Club

The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is the premier leadership organization for Asian professionals across North America.   NAAAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and advancing the careers of Asian American leaders by cultivating professional excellence among its members, connecting accomplished professionals for mutual success, providing various levels of community service, cultivating awareness and appreciation of their Asian cultural heritage, providing mentoring opportunities and working with employers in business, nonprofit, and government to recruit, retain, and promote high-achieving Asian American individuals.  

NAAAP-Phoenix Chapter takes this mission seriously and in late 2011, launched NAAAP-Toastmasters to provide its members with another avenue for developing, enhancing and practicing public speaking and leadership skills.  NAAAP- Toastmasters collaborates with other Toastmasters clubs to provide members with maximum exposure to professional speakers and unlimited opportunities to further develop leadership skills through training and involvement in club activities.   NAAAP-Toastmasters chartered on June 14, 2012.

NAAAP Toastmasters

What’s Happening?

Regular Meetings :  NAAAP-Toastmasters meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at the North Tempe MultiGenerational Center (1555 N. Bridalwreath St., Tempe AZ 85281)
Open House :  Every other month.  The next Open House is on October 10, 2013.  We start at 6 pm with a mixer and refreshments.  The meeting takes place from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.  Everyone is welcome. 

Who can join NAAAP-Toastmasters?

Individuals interested in joining NAAAP-Toastmasters must first become NAAAP members.  NAAAP provides its members with a fun and exciting environment through numerous social, professional development, community service and mentorship activities. Connect with us on our Facebook Fan Page and our website  for more information on what we do and how we do it.   

NAAAP ToastmastersNAAAP-Toastmasters always impress our guests with our friendly, welcoming and energizing atmosphere and our members’ individuality which shine in how they perform their roles with their own unique style and creativity.  Our guests say they feel right at home and can easily follow the meeting format.  Table Topics is always a much awaited part of the meeting agenda and goes from brainiac topics to the outrageously hilarious! 

Check out our recent Open House photos for some fun stuff!  Then come join us on October 10 or any of our regular meetings for the real thing.  RSVP to any of our meetings by email at To prevent spam, this email address is an image. or reach out to us for any questions or additional information.

See you soon at NAAAP-Toastmasters!

NAAAP Toastmasters

Get acquainted with Sports Talkers Prospective Toastmasters Club #2997337!

Twilite Toastmasters Banner

Sports TalkersThe Kick-Off meeting for Sports Talkers Toastmasters, a prospective Club, took place on Saturday October 13, at the Old Spaghetti Factory in central Phoenix.

Since then, the club has been meeting regularly on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Sing High Restaurant in downtown, Phoenix (Address: 27 W. Madison Avenue), from 6 pm to 8 pm. The club is working hard to reach charter strength, and is actively recruiting members.

Sports TalkersWhy Sports Talkers?

If you want to join one more club, and if you love watching or talking about sports, this is the club for you.  You will get opportunities to speak, receive evaluations from advanced Toastmasters (some of our members have multiple DTMs), and further develop your Toastmasters skills while having fun. You can achieve your educational goals faster. You can have a good meal and spend time with some great people. You can even bring a guest along who is not a Toastmaster and have a relaxing Saturday evening.

What is the meeting format?

The meeting opens at 6 pm, for dinner.  We take a break to eat, until 7 pm.  This is an opportunity to socialize, and chat about anything you want. The dinners at Sing High are delicious and inexpensive and the restaurant provides the club with a separate meeting room at no charge.

Sports TalkersOur Mascot then starts the meeting, appropriately singing “Take me out to the ballgame” and everyone sings along.

“Take me out to the Ballgame”

The meeting begins with the introduction of the Toastmaster and other functionaries. The theme is always Sports but the prepared manual speeches can be on any topic that may or may not be related to sports. The speeches get quality evaluations. Table topics are always international, fun, entertaining, and you don’t have to know about sports to answer the questions. You can always turn around the topic.

What if I don’t care about sports?

This is an opportunity to spend a relaxing evening once a month, with other Toastmasters and their guests, and give speeches or serve as a functionary to complete your educational awards faster.  Regardless of how much or how little interest you have in sports, you will still develop your communication and leadership skills, and most important- you will have FUN and be Entertained!

You may be surprised that we don’t just talk about the current and local sports teams. You may hear about serious topics like the contribution of sports to society- positive and negative, athletes that inspired you, or the economics of the sports business. There are many aspects to sports. You may even learn about a sport you knew nothing about. While doing this, you will continue to develop your Toastmasters skills through the opportunities to speak and take on leadership roles.

Sports Talkers             

Who can join Sports Talkers Toastmasters?

You don’t have to be an athlete to join, nor do you need to be knowledgeable about sports, but you do need to be a Toastmaster in another club. There is no other requirement to join this Advanced club.

Where can I park? Is it difficult to find parking spaces on game days?  Is there a parking fee?

Sing High Restaurant offers FREE parking for their customers, in their parking lot. So it is easy to find parking space even on game days.

Please visit and join the fun on Second Saturdays! Mark your calendar now and plan to attend remaining 2013 meetings on:

September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14. 

See you there!

Get acquainted with Twilite Toastmasters Club #3480!

Twilite Toastmasters Banner

Twilite Toastmasters #3480 is the place to be on Wednesday evenings. We are not just another Toastmasters club. Nosiree! We are ECLECTIC and FUN.

Twilite Photos


E is for Energy. You’ll be amazed at the positive energy you’ll feel in our meeting.

C is for Caring. You’ll notice that the members truly care about each other. We aren’t just club members; we are friends.

L is for Learning. You’ll be impressed by the level of experience our members have accumulated and how eager they are to share their knowledge with you.

E is for Enthusiasm. You’ll notice that everyone chips in to make the meeting special.

C is for Creativity. You’ll enjoy the wide variety of topics our members speak about and the creativity they bring to Table Topics.

T is for Talent. You’ll be amazed at the wide variety of skills and abilities our members bring to our club meetings.

I is for Intentional. You’ll notice that every member has set an intention to grow and improve in both their communication and leadership skills.

C is for Colorful. You’ll notice that we have a wide variety of people in our club – from a 20 year old student to a retired university professor and everything in between. We have coaches, a real estate agents, a chemist, administrative assistants, and yes, we even have a rocket scientist! Whatever your profession, you’ll find a home at Twilite to help you hone your skills and advance in your career.

Let’s not forget about the FUN! Our guests always comment that they never expected to have so much fun at a Toastmasters meeting. What is it that makes Twilite so much fun?


F is for Friendly. You’ll feel like a member the minute you walk through the door.


U is for Upbeat. You’ll walk away from our meetings inspired and encouraged.

N is for Never a Dull Moment. You’ll enjoy laughing with us at the crazy stories and imaginative topics answers our members share.

Twilite PhotosAre you looking for a mentor to help you with leadership? We have 4 past area directors, a current area governor, a current division governor, and several members with district level experience as committee members and committee chairs. We can help you develop the leadership skills you need to put your career on the fast track.

Are you looking for a mentor to help you take your speaking to the next level? The 2012 District 3 International Speech Contest winner calls Twilite her home. Plus we have members who have presented at District Conference and members who have used their public speaking skills in their careers. We can help you develop the speaking goals you need to reach your goals.

Twilite meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45 pm at the Pyle Adult Rec Center at Southern and Rural in Tempe. We hope you’ll join us for a meeting soon!

Twilite Photos

Get acquainted with Cosmopolitan Toastmasters Club #2410696!

Epicurean Toastmasters

The Cosmopolitan Toastmasters club in Tucson at the University of Arizona became an "official" Toastmasters Club on April 10, 2013. 

This is a very special “international” speakers group in that almost all of the members are non-native English speakers.

Our members come from all over the world:  Bosnia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russia, S. Korea, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey and of course the USA.

Cosmopolitan Toastmasters

We have had guests from Bulgaria, Egypt, Kuwait, Malaysia, Middle East, Philippines, Saudi, Sri Lanka & Vietnam.

Most of our members are PhD candidates.  The others are graduate students, post-graduate, post-doctorate, undergraduate, foreign-exchange students, visiting scholars, working professionals, retired and Cosmopolitan Toastmastersanyone that just wants to improve their public speaking skills and self-confidence.

Members have reported that they love coming to the weekly Toastmasters meetings because they can practice their English, practice their leadership skills, meet others from different countries and make new friends in a friendly, supportive “international” environment.

Several members have used this forum to practice any presentations they need to give for class, for their dissertation or for conference.  They have found this to be a huge benefit.

They enjoy the camaraderie as they develop confidence in speaking before a group, practice their communication skills and leadership skills.

The genesis of this club began in the fall of 2011.  With changes in personnel, meeting room location, day and time, the club finally settled down at the University of Arizona Center for English as a Second Cosmopolitan ToastmastersLanguage building.  With its “fearless” leader, club sponsor Jim Eng and club mentor Sue Delap, Cosmopolitan Toastmasters has transformed into the hottest Toastmasters club for international speakers in Tucson.

The club chartered with 27 members and has added 8 additional members since chartering to be at 35 members at the end of June.  The weekly attendance ranges between 15 – 20 members plus guests.
The members are enthusiastic and passionate about Toastmasters.  Several members have participated in a successful raid by taking the District 3 Traveling Gavel from the UA Catmasters in Tucson on May 30, 2013.  In addition, the newly elected club officers are excited about attending their first Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) on 6/29/13.

We meet every Wednesday evening starting at 6:00 PM.  We invite you to visit us or refer any international speaker to Cosmopolitan.  Click here to go to our club website or click here to go to our facebook page.

Cosmopolitan Toastmasters

Get acquainted with Epicurean Toastmasters Club #9961!

Epicurean Toastmasters

Epicurean ToastmastersEpicurean Toastmasters is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on June 30, 2013!

Chartered in 2003 as an advanced club, the vision for Epicurean Toastmasters was to be a minimalist Toastmasters club with a maximum dining experience. Epicurean would be a place for Toastmasters and their spouses to break bread together and socialize without the typical trappings of a conventional Toastmasters program.

Our beginning was created not in Arizona but in the airport in Lubbock, Texas.  In June 2003, our District was on the verge of becoming Distinguished needing only 3 more clubs to charter.  Don Griffith, Cyndi Newburn, and the late Joe DeRico were meeting and International President Gavin Blakey joined their conversation on how to charter the 3 remaining clubs.  He told them about the “Epicurean” clubs of Australia and an advanced Epicurean Toastmastersdining club be a great addition to District 3.  Arriving back in Phoenix, Nancy Starr-Cassidy took on the task of getting the club chartered.  After knocking on doors and asking everyone she knew in the District, the club chartered on the last day of the Toastmasters year.  2 other clubs were also submitted on the same day and the District was Distinguished.  Many of the members that are active in the club are charter members. 

Members have hosted our meetings in their homes, serving ethnic-driven menus (Hawaiian, Greek, Hungarian, Cajun, Italian) and theme-driven menus (Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, Christmas Lights Tour). Restaurant venues have included Bar-B-Q, Urban Pizza, Cuban, Sushi, Steak and Seafood Houses.  We have met everywhere from Wrigley Mansion to a local Chinese restaurant.  Our members continue to come up with new and interesting venues and meals. Hosts determine the venue, menu, and per person price. Hosts are encouraged to make arrangements for the per person price to include taxes and tips.  Dinners typically range from $20-$35 per person. Epicurean ToastmastersHosts typically arrange for alcoholic beverages to be billed individually and separately from the dinner costs.

Epicurean even made wine! In 2010 and 2013, over three months and two meetings, Epicurean members made and bottled their own Syrah, Pinot Noir and Riesling wines through Studio Vino in Chandler. It was not only one of our most unique experiences with members still talking about it. If you’re fortunate, you may still be able to find a member with a bottle or two they’d consider sharing.

As an advanced club, all members must maintain membership in a traditional Toastmasters club to be eligible for membership in Epicurean. As 'dual' members, this ensures members' communication and leadership development needs can be met since Epicurean offers only a 'minimalist' program.  Epicurean members pay semi-annual Toastmasters International dues plus nominal club dues. Epicurean ToastmastersDues are prorated based on the month joined.

Our vision was to focus on the epicurean experience and social environment for Toastmasters, their spouses and friends. As a 'minimalist' Toastmasters club, our educational program includes a speaker, evaluator, and table topics. Members are encouraged to give educational awards to their home club, however, since all our members are 'dual' members they will submit extra educational awards through Epicurean club. Epicurean Toastmasters is proud to be a District 3 Legacy Distinguished club, having achieved Distinguished club or higher performance every year since chartering.

Short and sweet, we love to eat! Whether it’s North, East, South, and West…Epicureans have traveled throughout the metro-Phoenix area to enjoy great food, fine wines, and fabulous friendships.

Contact us about future meetings and come eat with us!


Get acquainted with Phoenix Rising Toastmasters Club!


Phoenix Rising MembersPhoenix Rising Toastmasters successfully chartered this past month, April 1, 2013 and is one of Districts 3’s newest clubs! Outgoing Rio Area Directors Sabrina Hiltunen and Theresa Jepsen, along with T2 Area Governor, Dave Dardinger, worked over a year to bring the club to fruition.

An atmosphere of energy, positivity, and welcome greets every member and visitor each Wednesday in the University of Phoenix new corporate headquarters in the John Sperling Building located in the
Phoenix Rising CollageFountainheadPlaza, Tempe, Arizona. This spirit has been noted in numerous visitors’ feedback. We were honored with a visit by Hallie Adams, LT. Governor of Marketing for District 3, who was impressed with the energy and friendly atmosphere in the Phoenix Rising club meeting.

The club’s meetings include a variety of activities that focus not only on speaking but the benefits of developing leadership, time management, professional growth and community service. There are two speeches presented and some of the most creative Table Topic activities members have come to look forward to sharing.

Phoenix Rising is on track to reach its goal of being a Distinguished Club in its first year – we have already achieved 3 Distinguished Club goals!  The club’s focus is foundationally centered on the belief that every member is valued for what each individual uniquely brings to contribute. The diversity of the group benefits every individual.  We are also connected with our sponsor club, Word Warrior Toastmasters, and will be participating in a joint service project together at Junior Achievement on May 21st.

Check out one of the District’s newest club on Wednesdays, 11 A.M – 12 P.M, on the second floor (Room 221) of the John Sperling Building (1625 W. Fountainhead Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85282). It is very easy to find with the building being 10 stories high overlooking the Broadway Curve. We cater to our community and are an open club.  We look forward to seeing friends from the district at our charter party on Wednesday, May 22nd.  Visit and join us at Phoenix Rising Toastmasters!

Phoenix Rising also invites you to connect and share on its Facebook page.  For more information, contact Ashley Zukewycz at To prevent spam, this email address is an image. (602) 387-9573. 

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Get acquainted with Think Tank Toastmasters!

Think Tank Toastmasters Banner

Think Tank Toastmasters – A Distinguished Place to Be

Think Tank Toastmasters has the best discussion meetings in all of District 3.TTT Officers

Once a month, Toastmasters from several counties gather together At the Phoenix Hilton on Saturday night for a meal and a very distinguished ToastMaster meeting. Most clubs meet weekly, however Think Tank Toastmasters is an advanced club working to increase the quality of Toastmasters experience throughout all of District 3. Its members, Distinguished Toastmasters all, also belong to other clubs. Think Tank is a specialty club dedicated to making the Toastmasters experience more satisfying and enriching throughout Arizona.

Accordingly, the Think Tank agenda differs from other Toastmasters clubs. A typical meeting will include a social hour, including dinner, two prepared speeches, two discussions by the whole club, and then evaluations. The club frequently votes to support a member proposal, perhaps study a problem for solutions, and take action TTT Members with Santawithin District 3. Sometimes proposals are submitted to the District trio. Other times a district leader comes to Think Tank with a request for assistance. In the past Think Tank has helped fall and spring conferences with a special project; the club often discusses how to build membership in Toastmasters clubs throughout Arizona.

Unlike most Toastmasters clubs, Think Tank does not hold table topics, although the club will select a representative to participate in the District 3 Table Topics contest this spring. Instead, the club specializes in holding discussion manual speeches so that all members can participate in open discussion every meeting. The club has developed its own rules of protocol for handling open discussion; sometimes two timers are needed at the meeting to support the discussion process. In addition, the club sometimes holds “fun” speeches, and contests are a regular part of the program agenda.

Vasanti presenting Liz with a division OTMOTY awardGuests are always welcome at Think Tank Toastmasters. However, this is an advanced club. All members must have earned the DTM designation prior to joining. The club has a reputation for quality, having earned the President’s Distinguished designation for each of its two years in existence. For more information, contact the club president, Julia Sayre, DTM at 602-309-9925.

Think Tank Toastmasters meets the first Saturday of every month (except when that Saturday interferes with an important District function). Visit the club’s website by clicking here. E-mail queries can be sent to To prevent spam, this email address is an image..

75th AnniversaryGet acquainted with Prescott Toastmasters!

Prescott #104 was chartered on March 15, 1938 when the town Prescott was just a small community.  None of the charter members are alive today to give us any of the charter history but we still have some stories of the past.  Members of this toastmasters club have included Mayors, law enforcement leaders and state leaders. 

My first visit to Prescott 104 was in April or May of 1998.  What I saw was a very high energy club, with a couple of faces I knew from my old home town, San Diego.  I knew in an instant that I wanted to belong to this club.  Ah, but first I needed to move to Prescott from San Diego.  After my wife and I accomplished that feat, I joined Prescott 104 in June of 1998.  As part of my Ice Breaker in that club, I told the members that they were going to help me become an Advanced Toastmaster Silver, now known as the Advanced Communicator Silver.


One of my early speeches was on the Distinguished Club Program which was a hot button for me in my old club in San Diego.  As the members came to know me and what my DCP ideas were the club seemed to take off.  We were Select Distinguished in 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 which launched a series of 12 years in a row as Presidents Distinguished recognition.  The year 2012/2013 will be no exception, we will achieve Presidents Distinguished again.

On March 9, 2013 the club will have a Giant Birthday Bash to be held at the Prescott Resort and feature a very distinguished speaker known to many District 3 members. Officers

We want all of District 3 to help us celebrate our Diamond Birthday.

~ Robert "Bob" Smith DTM,
VP Membership for Prescott #104 

Get acquainted with Elite Toastmasters!

Elite Banner

The word Elite by its very definition is to go above and beyond what is already considered excellent.  Founded by District 3 Public Relations Officer, Dominick Clark, Elite Toastmasters has a different vibe than most clubs.  Many visitors have stated that the club has a very positive and friendly atmosphere while striving for excellence in public speaking and leadership. 

Elite was chartered June 29, 2011.  Over time, the club gained strength by adding members and sponsors who are vested in the success of the club.  Members such as Jeff Haebig, Martha Brock-Leftridge, Ruthie Barnes, and Prince Leftridge, II have taken an active role in shaping the club into what it is today.  In 2012, Elite gained more leadership prowess when Ed Cox (DTM) joined the club.  With such a strong nucleus, Elite strengthened into one of the more powerful clubs in District 3.


Although Elite Toastmasters is only just under two years old, we have made some serious noise in District 3.

  • Sponsored our sister club (West Toast of the Town) and actively support them
  • Members are strong proponents of community outreach and have worked with organizations such as Stand Up for Kids
  • Dominick was involved with Superstorm Sandy Relief on the East Coast
  • President’s Distinguished in the first year and on our way to a second consecutive President’s Distinguished Status
  • Membership comprised of 3 of the final Rio Area Directors (R1, R5, R6) and one of the final Paiute Area Directors (P4)
  • Two of those directors received President’s Distinguished for their areas (Martha & Dominick) while one received Select Distinguished (Prince)
  • Current membership is comprised of 6 DTMs: Ed Cox, Jeff Haebig, Ruthie Barnes, Martha Brock-Leftridge, Dominick Clark, & Prince Leftridge, II
  • Three of the Fall 2012 DTMs are from Elite:
    Ruthie Barnes, Martha Brock-Leftridge, Prince Leftridge, II
  • Spring 2013 DTM: Dominick Clark
  • First member to compete at the district level: Jeff Haebig
  • Second Place, 2012 T6 Fall Evaluation Contest: Prince Leftridge, II
  • EliteCurrent Editor-In-Chief (Dominick) & Layout Editor (Prince) of the Roadrunner are the current VP of Education/VPPR and President
  • Currrent District Public Relations Officer (Dominick)
  • Our VP of Membership (Martha) has sponsored 6 clubs from 2011-2012
  • Our current President has held the title of Conference A/V Coordinator from 2009 to current
  • Our current Secretary (Ruthie) is President of Roundup
  • Dominick, Martha, Ruthie, and Prince all worked with the East Valley Boys & Girls club to prepare them for their Youth of the Year competition.  In addition, Martha developed the curriculum for two years straight (2010 – 2012).

While many clubs are content to rest on these accomplishments, Elite will never do so.  We have many things planned for 2013 to take the club to the next level and beyond.  I encourage you to visit and experience for yourself the unique vibe that is Elite.

We meet bi-weekly on Saturdays at 3:00 pm at the Granite Reef Senior Center in Scottsdale:
1700 N Granite Reef Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Get acquainted with S.L.E.E.K. Toastmasters!

SLEEK banner

S.L.E.E.K. = Speak.Lead.Evaluate.Entertain.Know.

S.L.E.E.K. is a newer club, chartered June, 2011. This club was formed to establish a leadership and mentorship brain trust in the NW valley.  A newbie club does not mean we are inexperienced. Oh no, we are an advanced club with notable toastmasters. Our collaborative communication and vast leadership accomplishments will make your head spin. Here are the recent awards our members have earned in only the last few years.

2011-12 Member Awards 2010-11 Member Awards
District 3 Toastmaster of the Year Outstanding Division Governor
Juris Kursilis Spirit Award (2 members)   2 Division Outstanding Toastmasters of the Year
5 Outstanding Club Members of the Year   5 Outstanding Area Toastmasters of the Year
5 Outstanding Area Toastmasters of the Year 3 Outstanding Club Members of the Year
Outstanding Area Governor of the Year   
District Governor Award   
Published article in Toastmaster’s Magazine   


Want to be part of this dynamic group of toastmasters? 

Newest award:  Club Pride winner for the Fall District 3 Conference.  The criteria to join S.L.E.E.K. is simple, a competent communicator and dual club membership is all that is required.  If you or fellow club toastmasters are ready to participate in a second, or third toastmaster club, please consider S.L.E.E.K!  An advanced club need not be intimidating; we pride ourselves on having an inviting and supportive club atmosphere where fun in learning is a priority. The best feature of our club is our member relationships and history of success our members have had in all levels of toastmasters.  S.L.E.E.K.  is an excellent club to multiply your rewards  in toastmasters by broadening your development and growth.  No one should take their Toastmaster Leadership journey alone.  Come to S.L.E.E.K. and pick your travel partner!


We meet the fourth Friday of every month at various north valley restaurants, dinner at 6:30 pm, meeting at 7pm. Check our web site for location of the month, To prevent spam, this email address is an image..


Firemouth BannerGet acquainted with Fire Mouth Toastmasters!

Fire Mouth Toastmasters Club #1470599 is the only club in Tucson Arizona made up of Air Force active duty, reservist, civilians, and spouses assigned to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  Chartered in August 2010, Fire Mouth was established to provide members of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base an opportunity to continue their personal and professional development in public speaking and leadership. 

Firemouth ToastmastersFrom the beginning, Fire Mouth started with only five members in attendance and grew expeditiously within months.  The club’s motto was “Keep the fire burning.”  A metaphor for members to work diligently towards achieving their goals in public speaking and leadership; because like fire people will find your skills “attractive” and want to be more like our members. 

Fire Mouth members have been successful in speech competitions and have served in leadership roles, such as Area Governor.  Fire Mouth meets every Thursday at noon in the Airman and Family Readiness Center on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  The club is known for its fun and outgoing meetings!  One way the club brings friendly competition is through Table Topics.  Every meeting the club has three to four members to present a one to two minute impromptu.  All members cast a vote and judge the best impromptu.  The winner his crowned with a red fire fighter hat, red sun glasses, red lei, and trophy!  The Firemouth Toastmasterswinner also serves as the next meeting’s Table Topics Master.

Fire Mouth is truly an innovated club that “marches to its own beat”.  Recently, the club coordinated and executed its first two leadership seminars which focused on developing leadership skills and team building.  Greg Pleasant (ACG/ALB) and Aleck Brown (ACS/ALS) facilitated the seminars and led 50 Airmen and Civilians in leadership training.  The club offered the training to not only Toastmasters, but to all Airmen on the base.  This in turn afforded Airmen the opportunity to learn about Toastmasters while assisting them in their continuous education. 

Firemouth Toastmasters
Recently, Fire Mouth had a chance to participate in the District 3 Fall Conference.  Toastmasters’ members, TSgt Eric Bigelow, A1C Michelle Madsen, A1C Krystal McDonald, and A1C Timotea DeLeon posted the United States and Arizona flags during the state conference.  These four individuals went from "Practice to Perfection" in two weeks.  These members joined Fire Mouth to improve their public speaking skills and were afforded a rare opportunity to augment the Davis-Mountain Air Force Base Elite Honor Guard by honoring our nation’s flag.  

Firemouth ToastmastersDuring the same weekend, Chaplain Aleck Brown and TSgt Kodi Bailey honored veterans and their families with 200 Arizona Toastmasters in attendance.  Chaplain Brown narrated as TSgt Bailey performed the ceremony that featured a single place setting at a table draped in white, with an empty glass, single rose and salt, among other items, symbolizing the sacrifice of both soldiers and loved ones.  Following the ceremony, TSgt Kodi Bailey performed as the Toastmasters Keynote Speaker for the Leadership Breakfast Workshop.

If you are looking for a fun club where leaders are made and admired by all, then you need to go where it is HOT!  Come out to visit, Fire Mouth Toastmasters!  Visit our Facebook page.

Get acquainted with Leaders First Toastmasters!

Leaders First Banner

Brain child of Jim Davis, DTM, PDG, Leaders First is an advanced club in Tucson. Club #1266717 was the last club chartered in District for 2008-2009, on June 30. Members are required to have finished a Competent Communicator and to maintain a membership in another club. The club has been at least Select Distinguished every year since chartering.

Leaders First was created with the intention of providing a focus for developing leadership and advanced speaking. Members come predominantly from past, present, and future District Officers.

From the start, Leaders First has focused on developing leadership skills. The club’s first project was to host a High Performance Leadership Project for the creation of the club’s mission, vision, core values, and goals. In three years, members have developed strategies that became:

  • District 3’s Communication and Leadership nomination/selection process
  • 2011 Fall Conference theme
  • District 3’s current realignment strategy
  • Sonoran Division’s contest manager HPL process, resulting in over twenty completed HPL awards and raising the level of Division/Area contest management
  • Leadership Success and Club Success open workshops
  • Area Governor forums

Most meetings include at least one presentation from an advanced manual; Facilitation Discussion manuals are commonly used.  All presentations include both a manual evaluation and round robin evaluations.

Club success is tied to humor, creativity, and a belief that every member has great ideas to contribute. Every year the club takes on several leadership opportunities, which are planned and executed by the entire group. Simple, fun, and supportive of Toastmasters growth.

If you’re interested in a club that takes your leadership growth seriously, Leaders First offers opportunities to step forward into success. All you need is a Competent Communicator and a membership in another club. Expect fun, creativity, a place for longer advanced manual presentations, opportunities to explore beyond the boundaries of the club.

Leaders First meets on the first and third Thursday, from 6:15 to 7:30 AM at the Ward VI Council Office, 3202 E. 1st Street in Tucson. For more information call Jim Davis (520-975-2643).

Leaders First Toastmasters

Mission Statement
The mission of Leaders First Toastmasters is to provide a forum for the development of leadership, advanced speaking, mentoring and coaching skills.  All members can expand their experience in a dynamic setting that fosters the development of leadership in the club, area, division and district.

Revised the Vision Statement
Leaders First Toastmasters is a distinguished club that attracts and develops Toastmasters who aspire to leadership excellence.

Core Values
Leaders First's core values are integrity, dedication to excellence, leadership, service to the member and respect for the individual. These are values worthy of a great organization, and we believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in every decision we make. Our core values provide us with a means of not only guiding but also evaluating our operations, our planning and our vision for the future.

Club Goals:
Looking for goals to be clear, concise, relevant to the mission, realistic, measureable

    • Complete club charter and attract new members
    • Consistent high quality meetings
    • Promote future Toastmasters leaders
    • Increase percent of trained local Toastmasters for leadership roles
    • Provide useful accessible resources, including internet
    • Provide leadership and facilitators and trainers for Toastmasters educational purposes
    • Identify and support leadership at club level and above
    • Lead by example
    • Provide forum for High Performance Leadership projects

Get acquainted with Unity Speakers Toastmasters!

Unity Speakers Toastmasters Club

What where you doing February 13, 1995?   Steve Broe, Don Clausing and the other founding members of Unity Speakers Toastmasters were celebrating their Club’s Charter.   Unity Speakers, club #7185, evolved from a successful Speech Craft.  At the end of the eight week program many of the participants chose to continue meeting and the rest is history.

Unity Speakers

Since the 2000’s, the club has had members step forward and be Area Directors, and Divisional Directors, etc.  A few of these current members include Don Clausing-DTM, David Hodesh-DTM, Trent Wood–ACB, ALB, Joe Paulsen-ACB, ALB, Mil Pettis-DTM, Steve Broe-DTM, and Naomi Thomas-CC, CL.  With more District participation, they in turn have encouraged members to step outside the club and attend meetings beyond the regular club meetings. 

Having inside support and encouragement has been instrumental in Unity's success, as well as strong participation in contests.  About 4-5 years ago, one member won the District International Speech Contest and went on to Albuquerque to participate at the Regional level (prior to the current set-up).  Unity Speakers Toastmasters has had at least one person who has competed beyond the District level since it was chartered.

Unity Speakers

Unity is one of Arizona's top Toastmasters Clubs, leading in membership, education and leadership development. They emulate the mission statement through positive reinforcement, guidance, mentorship and constant support. The Club has a reputation of being warm and welcoming, and providing an environment that is friendly and fun.  If any club is evidence that the Toastmaster program works it is Unity Speakers.

Are you looking for a club that is sympathetic to your fears, yet offers encouragement and support to overcome them and meet your goals?  A club that has fun?  A club that is nurturing?  A club that produces competent speakers and leaders?   A club that meets weekly on Thursday nights?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you definitely should visit Unity Speakers Toastmasters.  Meetings are held at the Unity of Phoenix Church – 1500 E. Greenway Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85022.  Again, they meet every Thursday evening from 5:45 - 7:30 PM.  Visit their website for more information or call Nora Gonzales (602-577-0345) / Don Clausing (602-866-0285).

Get acquainted with Speaking First Toastmasters!

Speaking First Banner

New Banner RibbonSpeaking First Toastmasters may be the only Toastmasters club in Arizona that meets in a Japanese restaurant but we are not raw in experience.  Speaking First Toastmasters Club no. 355 was chartered on March 1, 1979 at First Interstate Bank in Tempe.  When Speaking First charted Juris Kursulis was our District Governor and the District was much smaller.  Speaking First has stood the test of time and will celebrate its 34th Anniversary next year.

Contest NightSpeaking First blends years of experience in to a fun and productive club.  The members of our cub range from brand new to members with over 20 years experience.  Our longest, consistent member has been in our club for more then 20 years and is currently a club officer. 

Contest NightThe club meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m., when the meeting is called to order, the Mission of the Club is read, and we begin with Table Topics.  We have 2-3 speeches in an evening with evaluations to follow.  Every meeting we include a Toastmasters Tip that provides the members with valuable information as they move along in their Toastmasters experience.  We also make sure to have a Jokemaster at every meeting.  We all need a good laugh and what better way to start a meeting off then with something to make everyone feel great.

Contest NightAn interesting aspect of our club is our International flair and members with leadership experience.  We have members that span the globe in the home countries and life experiences.  Our members come from Mexico, India, Australia, China, Korea, and many parts of the United States.  We currently have two Area Directors, a Division Governor, a Past District Governor, and a Past International Director.  Our club is a great source for those looking for mentors or guidanceContest Night in their Toastmasters experience.

If you are looking for a fun, educational, inspiring, and nurturing club, then you have found it in Speaking First.   We provide mutually supportive feedback and mentoring.  And if you are big fan of Japanese food then you know you have found the right club.  Come visit us on Thursday nights at 6:30 PM at Kobe Teppan and Sushi Restaurant, 1125 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, Arizona, 85284-1114 and be sure to visit our website.


Get acquainted with Repartee’!

Repartee Banner

Repartee’ Toastmasters is an open club and was chartered on June 8, 2010. The club was formed at the Spring Conference in 2010 when Al Gramando went around at the Saturday night banquet to find twenty members who were interested in starting a new club for District 3. Five weeks later the club had its first meeting and signed the paperwork, which Al then drove to World Headquarters to deliver in person.

From the beginning, the intention of the club was to be a once-a-month casual dining club. At first, the club had a traveling location until it settled on a sports bar in Chandler. Then they discovered Iguana Mack’s on Alma School Road just north of Ray Road, which has been their home for about a year.

The club meets on the first Friday of every month at 6:30 p.m., when the meeting is called to order, the Mission Statement read, and then recess is called. As members arrive, they order from a prepared menu so by 7:15 p.m. the meeting can reconvene. 

Getting back to the Mission Statement, it should be noted that there is an addition specifically for this club. At the end of the statement when the Sergeant at Arms reads, “…which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth,” these words are added: “BUT, if only we HAD a little self-confidence, we might be able to attain personal growth and in the process develop oral communication and leadership skills. But for now we can only wait for you to open your mouth and stick your foot in it, so that we can develop the ultimate retort!”

Repartee’, by definition, is a succession or exchange of swift, witty retorts, amusing and usually light, demonstrating adroitness and cleverness in the sparring of these words—verbal sword fighting. Except for during the delivery of manual speeches, members are encouraged to join in the fun of this acute exercise, which sharpens the wit and increases quick thinking.

The club is modeled after the famous Algonquin Hotel Round Table of the 1920s and 30s, in which many of Repartee' Membersthe writers and major figures of the day met for lunch or dinner to discuss the “important” issues and have fun with back-and-forth repartee’. 

The club provides the venue for members who have difficulty finding speaking opportunities in their other clubs to speak and be heard. Members of the club have participated in the Area and Division international and International Speech contests. Experience level of current members ranges from new Toastmasters to five Distinguished Toastmasters.

Please visit our website by clicking here. Our current President, Annette Coberly, can be reached at 602-565-0637.

Get acquainted with Ocotillo Breakfast Club!

Members of Ocotillo Breakfast Club

Ocotillo Breakfast Club Toastmasters is an open community club and was chartered on April 30, 2003, when officially reaching 20 members. We recently became a “Legacy” club after having achieved our third consecutive President’s Distinguished Club award.

Curt Waisath & Marc DratchSince January 2011, Gold Canyon International has extended considerable generosity in providing a home for our club. On March 28, we presented our host company an award honoring the exceptional support the company has offered to Ocotillo Breakfast Club. Mr. Marc Dratch, Immediate Past Gila Division Governor, presented this award on our behalf to the President/CEO/Founder of Gold Canyon International, Mr. Curt Waisath.

Newcomers are often surprised to learn we do not serve breakfast at Ocotillo Breakfast Club Toastmasters! Our name is derived—not from food substance—but rather from the sustenance we all desire: the opportunity to be with fellow human beings to share life experiences and grow professionally. It is a take on the popular 1985 American teen movie about students in detention who come to understand themselves at a much deeper level.

Many of our 32 members have joined since 2011 and our experienced members are dedicated to making membership enjoyable and rewarding for them with plenty of direction and support. Trisha Baggs, Immediate Past Area G7 Governor, and Emi Bauer, DTM, are members of our club. The friendliness that our members extend to one another and the professional atmosphere at our meetings is evident to our guests who always comment favorably on their experience when attending an Ocotillo Breakfast Club meeting.

Our members have developed outside friendships with fellow members. We have Post Toasties gatherings and family parties at members’ homes including our annual pot luck Summer Party held on Saturday, June 30.

We are supportive of the charitable work of our members. Our Past President, Ms. Meredith Dekker chaired the 2012 Go Red for Women™ campaign committee and several club members volunteered for the charity event hosted at Noah’s Event Center in Chandler, AZ on February 2. $32,000 in net proceeds was raised for the American Heart Association to fight heart disease in women.

Ocotillo Breakfast Club Toastmasters meetings are held from 8:00 to 9:00 on Wednesday mornings. Gold Canyon International is located at 6205 S. Arizona Avenue in Chandler (on the east side of Arizona Avenue just south of Riggs Road). Please visit our website at www.obctoastmasters.com.  If you do attend one of our meetings, we won’t object if you bring donuts for breakfast!

Ocotillo Breakfast Club Toastmasters Club #8837, Area P6, District 3

Get acquainted with Maverick Toastmasters Club #1811239!

Maverick Toastmasters

Maverick Toastmasters was chartered on February 13, 2012 with the help of sponsors Rob McLeod and Kathi Ferreira, and mentors Liz Shaw and Sue Lucy, among others. The club originally chartered as an advanced club open only to dual membership Toastmasters, but the members have since approved a change to their constitution removing the membership requirement and making it an open, community club.

The club members have chosen to focus on three specific areas:

  • building a strong, vibrant mentoring program,
  • having fun, creative meetings, and
  • developing strong relationships among club members through regular social activities.

The club meets weekly, Tuesday evenings at Sun Valley High School in Mesa, 1143 S Lindsay Rd (northeast corner at Southern). Their weekly schedule is as follows:

  • 6:30 pm: Meet & Greet / Brown Bag (Bring Your Own) Dinner
  • 7:00 pm: Club Meeting
  • 8:15 pm: Post Toasties (Board or Card) Game Time

The members of Maverick strive to be more than simply fellow club members to each other. Their weekly post Toasties game time and other social events help facilitate the development of friendships and therefore a deeper level of commitment to each other. They invite anyone to join them and "Get In the Game!"

A full one fifth of the club membership are Distinguished Toastmasters and other members include Advanced Communicators, providing a high level of experience to offer mentoring to newer members. Additionally, many members are past, present, and future district leaders.

The club began meeting in the summer of 2011 and had its first major special event, the [First Annual] Spooky Tales Speech Contest and Costume Contest in October. There were well over 30 in attendance and fun was had by all. Member Emi Bauer took first place in the Spooky Tales speech contest. Costume contest winners were members Dennis Clark for scariest, Kathi Ferreira for funniest, and Liz Shaw for best overall.

Liz ISCThe club entered the district scene with a bang by having its contestants in both the Tall Tales Contest and the International Speech Contest place first in the Area G3 contests just over a month after the club chartered. Both contestants went on to place second at the Gila Division contests a few weeks later.

Maverick Toastmasters went on to attract attention at the District 3 Spring Conference by winning the Club Pride Contest and by having one of its members - Liz Shaw - claim the opportunity to represent District 3 at the semifinals of the International Speech Contest and the International Convention in Orlando, FL in August.

Maverick Toastmasters chose to wait until after the District Conference to hold its charter party. Everyone was invited to attend the charter party scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 7:00 pm.

Congratulations to Maverick Toastmasters Club #1811239 -
a Distinguished Club in just four and a half months!


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