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Special Feature: Carpe Diem Toastmasters Club

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It has been a few years since I visited the Carpe Diem club. I had the distinction of being the first Toastmaster visitor "from the outside," as they said it. And since I was born in raised in Hawaii, their dialect took me back to my childhood and gave me a sense of being "home."

I still remember those visits to their club very fondly; the men were polite, respectful, eager to learn, and above all, inspiring. I appreciated how they, more so than the average Toastmaster member, seemed to treasure their membership. As the common Toastmaster membership induction script starts, "Membership in a Toastmasters Club is a privilege," and those men seemed to appreciate that above all others I have met in our organization's community.

Their speeches focused on challenging themselves and others - myself included - to be better. When talking one on one with a few of them, I encouraged them to continue their growth and experience in Toastmasters when they returned home. Those I had the opportunity to talk with promised me they would do so. So to the friends, family, and supporters who visit this page, please hold them to that.

When I was approached with the request to post these videos on our website, my history with this club made me eager to do so. Watching them practicing their speaking and leadership skills in these videos, and seeing the growth they have experienced as a club and as individuals since I last visited them, made me feel an intense sense of pride. I hope you feel the same as you watch and listen to their speeches. Enjoy!

~ Emi Bauer

Tre Francis: "Am I Really Better?"

Eugene Ruiz: "A Sweet Sound"

Charles Paulino: "Believe It Or Not"

Brandon Kahai: "India's Crappy Situation"



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