Outstanding Division Director

Each year, all Division Directors in good standing and completing their term of service are eligible. Congratulations to these past Division Directors recognized for their leadership and service contributions to the District. To submit someone for this award (even yourself), fill out an application form to be reviewed by the committee, and announced at District Conference.

Current Award Holder: Shelley Gabriel, Tonto Division

Year Awardee Division
2017 Shelley Gabriel Tonto Division
2016  Joan McCarrell Mohave Division
2015 Eddie Davis Zuni Division
2014 Jan Byrd Saguaro Division
2013 Kristin Gramando Picacho Division
2012 Ann Prettyman Rio Division
2011 Nancy Goins Yavapai Division
2010 Hallie Adams Cholla Division
2009 Pete Karculias Sonoran Division
2008 Cynthia Kerford Gila Division
2007 Al Gramando Gila Division
2006 Mukund Moorthy Rio Division
2005 Trish Blackwelder Cholla Division
2004 Laurie Doeing Cholla Division
2003 Brenda Bird Cholla Division
2002 Cyndi Newburn Gila Division
2001 Don Griffith Cholla Division
2000 Dixie Humphreys Cholla Division
1999 Not Awarded  
1998 DeeAnn Michael Paiute Division
1997 Warren Apger Gila Division
1996 Liz Bebo  Verde Division
1995 Nancy Starr Metro Division
1994 Lois Panserio Western Division
1993 Grace Johnson Metro Division
1992 Bill Brooks Eastern Division
1991 Allen Canfield Apache Division
1990 Michael Mastrovito
1989 Mike Herskovits
1988 Dave Metcalf
1987 David Hiller Metro Division
1986 Bonnie Hyde Metro Division
1985 Jim Stavern Southern Division
1984 Mike DiCerbo Metro Division
1983 Suzanne Lennon Metro Division
1982 Ernie Hughes Metro Division