Outstanding Committee Chair

Each year, all Committee Chairmen in good standing and completing their term of service are eligible. Congratulations to these past Committee Chairman recognized for their leadership and service contributions to the District.

Current Award Holder: TBD

Outstanding Committe Chair Stephanie Hoffman
Year Awardee Position
2017 Stephanie Hoffman TLI Chair
2016 Not Awarded  
2015 Madalyn Lockhart Contest Manager
2014 Bob Myers Club Extension
2013 Malcolm High Dues Renewals
2012 Emi Bauer Club Extension
2011 Jeannie Enders TLI Facilities
2010 Cherie Baxley-Gores Fall & Spring Conference
2009 Lynne Brasher Fall Conference
2008 Not Awarded  
2007 Nova Hall Spring Conference
2006 Dwayne Roberts Parliamentarian
2005 June Van Valkenburg Club Coach
2005 Laura Smith Resource Room
2004 Laurie Doeing HPL
2003 Kathy Shoemaker Registrar
2002 Not Awarded  
2001 Brian Cavanaugh Newsletter
2000 Rick Saxton Audio-Visual
1999 Dwayne Roberts Parliamentarian
1998 Stefan Petra Sergeant at Arms
1998 Judy Norris TLI
1997 Debbie Kattelman Sergeant at Arms
1996 Stefen & Jodie Kay Petra TLI
1995 Dorris Koressel Telephone Referral
1994 Geff Wilson Club Rescue
1993 Nancy Starr Database & Judges
1992 Sylvia Hersch Sergeant at Arms
1991 Mike DiCerbo Administrative Assistant
1991 Art Nieto Club Extension
1991 Joanne Schlosser Training
1991 Bonnie Cline Marcus Roadrunner Editor
1990 Not Awarded  
1989 Art Nieto  
1988 Joan Makin  
1987 Not Awarded  
1986 Not Awarded  
1985 Not Awarded  
1984 Art Nieto Club Extension
1984 Jeff Morud Roadrunner Editor
1982 Mike DiCerbo  
1982 John Cash