Outstanding Area Director

Each year, all Area Directors in good standing and completing their term of service are eligible. Congratulations to these past Area Directors recognized for their leadership and service contributions to the District. To submit someone for this award (even yourself), fill out an application form to be reviewed by the committee, and announced at District Conference.

Current Award Holder: Mike Giardina

Outstanding Area Director Joan McCarrell
Year Awardee Area
2017 Mike Giardina S6
2016 Brittany Randall N6
2015 Joan McCarrell S2
2014 Eddie Davis S3
2013 Sharon Walker C5
2012 Sara Bonfig Y2
2011 Jim Eng S4
2010 Ric Wattier G2
2009 Mike Mur Y2
2008 Kenna Thomas G2
2007 Evelyn Hughes
2006 Colleen moore Y6
2005 Shelly Dudley C3
2004 Mick Fetty Y4
2003 Laurie Doeing C5
2002 Chris Vicencio
2001 Cyndi Newburn C5
2000 Art Nieto
1998 DeeAnn Michael P1
1997 Connie Mendozza G3
1996 Kelli McDoulette  
1995 Caroleen Hitchens N1
1994 Liz Bebo M2
1993 Terri Sparks  
1992 Evelyn Yanagihashi
1991 Bill Brooks E2
1990 Nancy Walker  
1989 Joan Newman  
1988 Clarice Lendriet  
1987 Roger Simpson M1
1986 Karen Landkamer D3
1985 Jim Davis Area 1
1984 Barbara Rogers Area 9
1983 Tim Young Area 19
1982 John Cash
1981 Jan McKenzie Area 5
1980 Mary Margaret Dockendorff Area 9