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Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year

Being named the Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year means that you have taken full advantage of the educational and service opportunities offered through the Toastmasters program. Every District 3 Toastmaster should complete and submit an application, not only for the chance to win the award, but also as a means of measuring their personal performance within the Toastmasters program.

Current Award Holder:
Marcia Roberts, DTM

OTMOTY Patti Boyce

Past Award Winners:

2015-2016 Bettie Covington DTM
2014-2015 Marcia Roberts DTM
2013-2014 Lisa Corwin, DTM
2012-2013 Patti Boyce, DTM
2011-2012 Nancy Goins, DTM
2010-2011 Jeff Morud, DTM
2009-2010     Al Gramando, DTM
2008-2009     Rose Beeson, DTM
2007-2008     Lynne Brasher, DTM
2006-2007     Mukund Moorthy, DTM   
2005-2006     Bobbie O'Connell, DTM
2004-2005     Don Griffith, DTM
2003-2004     Brenda Bird, DTM
2002-2003     Art Nieto, DTM
2001-2002     Trish Blackwelder, ATM-B/CL
2000-2001     Mike Kaml, ATM-S/CL
1999-2000     Nancy Starr, DTM
1998-1999     Doris Koressel, ATMB
1997-1998     Janette Gann, DTM
1996-1997     Beryl Burke, ATM
1995-1996     Bill Bristol, DTM
1994-1995     Robert Wagner, DTM
1993-1994     Steve Broe, ATM-B
1992-1993     Elizabeth Bebo, DTM
1991-1992     Kathy Collins, DTM
1990-1991     Avi Shalom, ATM
Program award period changed from January-December to June-July
1989     Patricia Berardi, ATM-S
1988     Rita Kane, ATM
1987     William Chambers, ATM
1986     Mary E. Fleming, DTM
1985     Glenn Pike, DTM
1984     Margie J. Nieto, DTM
1983     Bob Erickson, DTM
1982     Tom Bintliff, DTM
1981     Deane Erickson, DTM
1980     Len Baker
1979     Paul Wiggs
1978     William D. Hamilton, DTM
1977     Bob Pultz
1976     Gerson Mosbacher
1975     Juris Kursulis, DTM
1974     Daniel J. Mahoney
1973     Joel H. Weldon
1972     Gerard Baronnat
1971     n/a
1970     Ken Skinner
1969     Ray Pruzzo


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