Club Pride

Over 46 Clubs submitted CLUB PRIDE CONFERENCE CARDs at the Club Pride Table
during the District 3 Toastmasters Conference May 17-18.
These clubs received a Club Pride ribbon and the points were added to their
overall total for the year ending 6/30/19.

IMPORTANT: Club Pride Campaign #1 ends June 30, 2019

You can still add Club Pride points to your Club’s total.

>>SEE details on Club Pride Forms:

• Part-1 (Volunteers)
• Part-2 (Membership – Open House)
• Part-3 (Tie-breakers)
  (See Link to download forms below)

Review Club Pride Campaign #1 Guidelines & Rules sheet
>> See Club Pride Campaign #1 Prizes (PDF) for prize award information

>>SEND in your club’s Club Pride Forms Part-1, Part-2, Part-3no later than June 30, 2019, to gro.s1560819031retsa1560819031mtsao1560819031tza@e1560819031dirpb1560819031ulc1560819031

(forms received after midnight on 6/30/19 will not be accepted)

>>Clubs with the Top 10 Club Pride points will be announced at the
Fall 2019 Awards Ceremony. All clubs that participated in Club Pride and
received any points will receive a ribbon.Club Pride Icon

Be proud of your club, share your enthusiasm, help your club succeed by accumulating Club Pride Points (CPPs) and reach your Distinguished Club Goals (DCP).

Beginning January 1, 2019, District 3 clubs will have an opportunity to collect Club Pride points (CPPs) in 4 areas:

  • TRAINING – Winter TLI attendance, Contest Manager, Chief Judge and SMaC (Sponsor, Mentor and Coach) Training
  • MEMBERSHIP – Reaching Distinguished Membership early, holding an Open House
  • EDUCATION – DCP Goals P1 – P5, DTM award
  • SERVICE – District Officers, District Committee Chairs, HPLs completed

Clubs can also accumulate points by submitting any or all 3 Club Pride Forms:

  • Form Part 1 (Volunteers) – Winter TLI, Speech Contests (Area, Div, Dist), Spring Conference
  • Form Part 2 (Membership – Open House) – Submit Open House flyer, Photo & Follow up
  • Form Part 3 (Tie-breakers) – Serve as Chief Judge or Contest Manager, submit Club Mentor Program summary, Send Contestants to Speech contests (Area, Div, Dist)

Clubs will have 6 months to accumulate Club Pride Points. Prizes will be awarded after the close of the 2018-19 year, at a District event in September 2019.

  • Download Club Pride Campaign #1 (PDF) for a campaign overview
  • Download Club Pride Form – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Download Club Pride Guidelines & Rules (PDF) for detailed requirements
  • Download Club Pride Campaign #1 Prizes (PDF) for prize award information

What is Club Pride?

Club Pride is the enthusiasm and camaraderie that’s generated by a club experience that’s
supportive, fun and successful.

Questions: Email gro.s1560819031retsa1560819031mtsao1560819031tza@e1560819031dirpb1560819031ulc1560819031