Help for Struggling Clubs: The Club Coach

Every club goes through an up and down cycle with respect to membership. Whatever the reason, on the downswing of that cycle it does not feel good to have to do multiple roles in every meeting and also fulfill your officer roles, all while hoping your membership rises back to where it was before.

There is a solution! Get a Club Coach for your Club!

A club coach is appointed by the Club Growth Director to assist a club that is experiencing difficulties building and maintaining membership. Up to two coaches may be appointed to each club. The goal of a coach is to help the club achieve recognition in the Distinguished Club Program, which is accomplished by:

  • Building rapport with club leaders and members
  • Instilling enthusiasm, comradery and structure within the club
  • Assessing the club environment and recommending best practices for success
  • Working with club leaders to develop a Club Success Plan
  • Encouraging the club to strive for Distinguished Club Program recognition

The coaching relationship lasts until the end of the Toastmasters year: June 30. If the coach does not successfully help the club to become distinguished they will have until June 30 of the following year to achieve this before a new coach will need to be assigned.

When Does a Club Need a Coach?

  • The club has 12 members or less
  • Members are not regularly coming to meetings
  • There are no guests coming to meetings or joining the club
  • Members are not giving speeches from manuals
  • Members are not earning educational and leadership awards
  • The club is having problems meeting Distinguished Club Program goals

Clubs are eligible for club coach appointment provided the following requirements are met:

  1. The club must have at least one but no more than 12 paid members at the time of appointment.
  2. The club must not be suspended or closed.
  3. The club must not have more than two coaches appointed at one time.

For more program details, please visit the Club Coach FAQ page.

My club is eligible and needs a coach, what’s my next step?

Do not wait until your club is falling apart or suspended to request a coach (or two)! The club president should contact the Club Assist Chair (gro.s1580335218retsa1580335218mtsao1580335218tza@t1580335218sissa1580335218bulc1580335218) or Club Growth Director (gro.s1580335218retsa1580335218mtsao1580335218tza@d1580335218gc1580335218) as soon as your membership numbers drop below 12.

Why Should You Coach a Club?

Coaching a Club and seeing it through to success as a Distinguished is an extremely rewarding Toastmasters experience. Coaching a struggling club is your opportunity to:

  • Develop team-building skills
  • Further develop servant leadership skills
  • Increase proficiency as a facilitator and negotiator
  • Develop diplomacy skills
  • Share expertise
  • Invest in the future of Toastmasters
  • Earn credit for one year as a District Officer*
  • Earn credit toward the path to being a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

* If a club coach role is successfully completed on June 30, 2019 or June 30, 2020, your club coach credit can count toward both the club support and the district leadership requirements for an ALS or a DTM award. For details, see Education Program FAQ.

To be eligible for appointment as a Club Coach, you must:

  1. Be a paid member in good standing with Toastmasters International.
  2. Not be an existing member of the club at the time of appointment.

I’m interested in coaching a club, what’s my next step?

Submit the coach application form to receive information to visit eligible clubs.

Contact the Club Assist Chair (gro.s1580335218retsa1580335218mtsao1580335218tza@t1580335218sissa1580335218bulc1580335218) or Club Growth Director (gro.s1580335218retsa1580335218mtsao1580335218tza@d1580335218gc1580335218) for more information if you are interested in being a Club Coach.

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