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Traveling GavelTraveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel Has Come to District 3!

By Mary Neff, DTM, PDG46, Traveling Gavel Chairman

On March 6, at the 6:15 am meeting of Eyeopeners Toastmasters, winter visitor Mary Neff, DTM, PDG46 presented a beautiful hand-made traveling gavel on a cart to DG Marcia Roberts, DTM and her home club.  The intent is to promote fun, fellowship, and cross-pollination of clubs in District 3, as well as good-natured plotting and scheming.

Hand made by Mary’s brother-in-law Paul Stum of Kelseyville, CA, the traveling gavel will make its rounds in District 3 according to the rules and conventions for gavel raids, that is, capture by a raiding party from another club. 

Procedure and Rules for Traveling Gavel Raids

  1. Only clubs that meet weekly and are in good standing are eligible to capture the gavel.
  2. A successful raiding party must consist of at least three members from the same eligible club visiting the Target Club that currently holds the Gavel.  The three members may not also be members of the Target Club, and they must participate in the meeting. 
  3. A club contemplating a raid must contact the Target Club to agree on a meeting date.  To achieve both planned participation and lively gavel turnover, the Target Club must have at least one scheduled meeting, but may have no more than two, between the time the raid is agreed on and the actual raid date.  Only one club can raid at a time.
  4. Visiting Toastmasters must participate in the meeting in some way, for example, taking on any role in the meeting, responding to a Table Topic, or completing an evaluation for a CL assignment. 
  5. Immediately after a successful raid, the capturing club must announce the new location of the traveling gavel by submitting capture details and a report of the gavel capture (if possible, with photo) using the form below. 
  6. In the bag with the gavel, there is also a log book.  The raiding club enters an entry there as well: location, raiders’ names and club information, date, and short report of the meeting.
  7. The club that has the gavel gets to display it at the meetings until a raiding party captures it.  The club will also get a certificate of capture from the district.
  8. Clubs may capture the gavel multiple times, but may not recapture it from the same club that just captured it from them.

We wish the Traveling Gavel and its raiders a lot of fun!

Mary Neff, DTM
D3 Traveling Gavel Chairman

To see where the Traveling Gavel is now... Click here to visit the Gavel Log

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