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Proclaim Your Club’s Special Event via the Mail Chimp Email Blast

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Does your club have an upcoming “special” event that the entire District should know about?

While your club’s regularly recurring meetings should be managed via your club website not the District website, when your club hosts events like an upcoming themed open house event, your club’s anniversary celebration event, the announcement of your club’s Speechcraft module schedule or your club’s community outreach event to support the annual Toastmasters Smedley Membership Campaign, Talk Up Toastmasters Membership Campaign or Beat the Clock Membership Campaign, let the District know!

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Submit your flier for the Mail Chimp email blast by the 15th day of the month prior to the month in which your special event will be held and it will be included in the Mail Chimp email blast occurring closest to the 1st day of the month. Submissions will be distributed via the Mail Chimp email blast one time only. Multiple submissions of the same event or request for distribution for multiple dates will not be accepted nor acknowledged.

Submit your special event flier via *protected email* with the following parameters: Fliers should be less than 250 words and should be formatted to fit size dimensions to best fit the MailChimp standard as shown at this link

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Why does the District support advertising THESE types of “special” events for your club on the District Calendar but not postings of your clubs regularly recurring meeting?

FIRST, by attending YOUR event, other District 3 club members have the opportunity to see how such special events are organized so that they can organize similar events for their club; helping with or being the event chair for such events for their own club is a way to gain credit for Competent Leadership project 6, 8 and 10 in the legacy education program.

NEXT, by encouraging Toastmasters from other clubs and District Leaders to attend YOUR event, the attendance will be fuller. Since those attendees have already stepped outside beyond their club simply by attending your event, they will easy allies in speaking with guests and those completely new to the Toastmasters experience about the value of Toastmasters; about their own testament to how Toastmasters has helped them and even why they have attended an event outside their own club.

AND, as YOU step up to the plate and step beyond your club, you can build your network of Toastmaster friends, mentors and supporters by leading your club through events such as these.

In doing so, you not only showcase your club during its best Moments of Truth, but it is also a way to exhibit your Leadership and Communication skill set in planning, advertising, executing, and evaluating the effectiveness of your event. As a future mentor and/or leader in your Club for the District in your personal and in your professional life, we want you to benefit as much as possible for the dedication to the Toastmasters program.

When the legacy website was first developed, awareness and use of Smart phones, Free ToastHost, Company SharePoint sites, Social Media and even was rather low. At the time, clubs NEEDED a central space where members could access information about their club meetings. Nowadays, all those tools are ubiquitous. Our District protocols have evolved to reflect the change in social media savvy of our membership.