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Program Quality Committee

The Program Quality Director is responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district.

 Responsibilities include:

  • Strive for accomplishment of district educational goals and achievement of Distinguished District status.
  • Plan, organize, and direct district training programs.
  • Plan, organize, and direct the district conference.

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Plans, prepares and produces the semi-annual District conferences.  Oversees the work of the committee and sub-committees involved with finding a site, working with the selected hotel, and coordinating efforts towards an affordable and enriching conference experience for attendees.

Madalyn Lockhart

Fall Conference Chair
Shelley Gabriel

Madalyn Lockhart

Spring Conference Chair
Tina Bennett

Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Plans, prepares and produces the semi-annual District approved club officer training events.  Oversees the work of the committee and sub-committees involved with finding sites, working with facilities and caterers, preparing registration and marketing materials; identifying and training session facilitators; scheduling on-site support staff, and coordinating efforts towards an affordable and enriching leadership training experience for club officers. TLI Webpage
Distinguished Club Program
The DCP committee promotes the Distinguished Club program and assists club leadership with understanding how to develop and execute a club success plan.

Conducting a speechcraft workshop in your club is a great way to introduce others to the benefits of Toastmasters and assist in building membership!

It's never too early to plan a speechcraft in your club. The perfect months to conduct one is January-March.  Get started today!

High Performance Leadership

Do You Want to Develop and Expand Your Leadership Skills?

Expand your skills with the High Performance Leadership program.
Strong leaders are in demand — in the workplace, in the community and in the family. Take the next step in your leadership journey by completing the High Performance Leadership program. Lead a project of your choice that will build your confidence and demonstrate your abilities. The project can be affiliated with Toastmasters, your community or your company. Through the project, you will:

Become a more effective leader
Develop and communicate a vision and mission for your project
Build a committed team and create an action plan
Help your team accomplish its goals
Analyze and present your results

High Performance Leadership fulfills one of the requirements for earning the Advanced Leader Silver award in the Toastmasters leadership track.


Chief Judge

The District Chief Judge provides expertise, training, and oversight for District speech contests:

  • Serves as the District expert on speech contests, the first line of contact for members with questions on speech contest rules and judging procedures.
  • Assists members with finding speech contest rules, ballots, and other judging forms/documents.
  • Provides both judges and chief judges training in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson during August and February. Training is open to all Toastmasters. Training prepares judges and chief judges to support all speech contests and gives contestants an insight into how their contest speeches will be judged.
  • Maintains the District judges/chief judges list. Members who complete judges/chief judges training will have their name included on the District list for up to three years.
  • Serves as the Chief Judge for District speech contests at Fall and Spring conferences.

Contest Management

The District Contest Manager provides expertise, training, and oversight for District speech contests.

  • Serves as the District expert on speech contest management, the first line of contact for members with questions on speech contest processes, agendas, outreach, contest non-judging forms/documents.
  • Assists members with finding exemplars of speech contest agendas, flyers, and other contest non-judging forms/documents.
  • Provides contest management training in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson during August and February, training contest managers to support all speech contests. Training is open to all Toastmasters.
  • Serves as the Contest Manager for District speech contests at Fall and Spring conferences.
  • Provides timers, timing devices/equipment, sergeants at arms, cards for drawing contestant speaking order at the Fall and Spring conference speech contests.
Youth Leadership

How Do You Live Forever? By Changing the Next Generation!

Graduates of Toastmaster’s Youth Leadership Program are enthusiastic about communication and leadership skills learned in the Program. These skills serve them effectively both in college and the business world beyond. Our Graduates appreciate the Toastmasters YL Coordinators who present the Program.

Working toward an Advanced Communicator Award? Presenting a Youth Leadership Program may be a better fit than doing an HPL project!

WIIFM? Service to Others. Benefits enjoyed by those engaged in Toastmasters Youth Leadership include:

For Youth Leadership Coordinators:

  • Satisfaction and pleasure of enlightening the minds and thinking of young people while raising their self-confidence to a higher level.
  • Learning about issues affecting today’s kids – the same issues your own kids face.
  • Enlarging your network: students, teachers, school principals and parents learn about Toastmasters and help promote our organization.

For Students:

  • Expand understanding of the principles of Communication and Leadership.
  • Develop self-confidence plus proficiency in speaking and writing.
  • Develop strong appreciation for you, Toastmasters and Youth Leadership.

For Teachers:

  • Assistance in meeting state-mandated requirements.
  • Insight into students’ speaking and writing skills, particularly in Language Arts assignments.

For School Principals:

  • Receive the benefit of the coordinator’s time and efforts.
  • Pride in their students’ communication and leadership skills: for example, students in the Kiva Elementary School Youth Leadership Program spoke before the Scottsdale Unified School Board. Board members and the Kiva School Staff were amazed by the students’ presentations.

For Parents:

  • Impressed by their children’s new found self-confidence and their ability to communicate beyond monosyllables.
  • Many have said, “I wish I’d had that training when I was in ____ grade!” This is a testimony to their gratitude.

Toastmasters Youth Leadership is a great experience. Conduct one program or more - as numerous District 3 Toastmasters have done.

Help yourself AND some kids! Email me today at youth.leadership@aztoastmasters.org.

Speaker's Bureau
Attention D3 Toastmasters. Now that you have your CC or CTM, you can begin sharing your love of speaking with other organizations.  The District 3 Speakers Bureau is a public service to help match Toastmasters with community organizations that are looking for experienced speakers.  “What’s in it for me?” you might say.  This is a great way to fine tune your ability, promote yourself and Toastmasters and to possibly make the next move toward speaking professionally. Download the Speakers Bureau application here.
Club Dues

The Club Dues Committee establishes programs which help to promote early dues payments by all clubs.  The Dues Renewal Committee collects area, division, and district membership dues information, prepares reports and charts for the Club Growth Director, Area Directors, Division Directors, and other District officers.

The Club Dues Committee ensures clubs know the dues period deadlines, provide assistance to clubs with understanding the minimum required dues payments, the different dues payment structures for clubs, and how dues payments are part of the DCP goals for clubs.

The Club Dues Committee will recognize those Areas and Divisions whose clubs excel above other Areas or Divisions for dues renewals at key times during the Toastmaster year.



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