Club Growth Committee

The Club Growth Committee is lead by the Club Growth Director and Assistant Club Growth Director. The committee consists of several subcommittees, all of which are committed to helping the committee work towards building new District 3 clubs and supporting all current clubs.

The Club Growth Director (CGD) is responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building and club retention for District 3. This includes developing a marketing strategy, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing corporate and community clubs, and penetrating new markets. The CGD, under the guidance of the District Director, makes the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. The CGD plans, develops, and directs programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club promotion and membership retention. The CGD promotes high standards of service to the member and to the club by recruiting, training and supervising a strong club-building team.

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Club Growth Director

David Hopper, DTM is your Club Growth Director for the 2019 – 2020 Toastmasters year. He has been in Toastmasters since October 2014 and has served in a number of club and district leadership roles during his time as a District 3 member, including serving as last year’s Catalina Division Director. He is excited to be leading this Club Growth Committee team and looks forward to helping each individual member and club.

Assistant Club Growth Director

Karen Hewitt VC1 is your Assistant Club Growth Director. Karen Hewitt, DTM is your club growth assistant for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year. She has been in Toastmasters since March 2017, where she has served in multiple club and district leadership roles. She is excited to share how amazing an opportunity Toastmasters can be for new and existing members. Karen is enthusiastic about working with the District Leadership and all the members of District Three to promote club and membership growth.

Club Extension

Nancy Duckett, DTM is your Club Extension Committee Chair. Nancy has been a Toastmaster since 2006, having experience with both corporate and community clubs. She has served as a club officer almost every year, enjoying the leadership aspects of Toastmasters which continued to motivate her to volunteer as DCP Chair 2016-17, New Club Mentor 2016, Area Director 2017-18, and as Club Pride Special Committee Chair 2018-19. Receiving her Distinguished Toastmaster award in March 2019 was not an ending, her journey continues with more opportunities on the horizon for learning and growing while helping others.

As the Club Extension Chair, she is responsible for assisting communities and organizations in forming new clubs. She is dedicated to supporting club sponsors and new clubs from the club lead through the charter ceremony. If you have any questions regarding serving as a club mentor or assisting at a demo meeting, please reach out to Nancy.

Club Research

Fred Springier, DTM is your Club Research Chair.

As the club new source research chair, Fred works closely with the club growth director to develop the district’s marketing plan, which is a series of steps to help the district grow healthy new clubs. In addition to assisting with the marketing plan, the club new source research chair generates new club leads at the district level. If you have any questions regarding starting a new club please reach out to Fred.


Kathy Smith, DTM is your Membership Chair.

As the membership chair, Kathy is responsible for establishing programs that help recruit new members to District 3 Toastmasters clubs. She is responsible for collecting district membership information and preparing charts and reports for the CGD and other district leaders. The membership committee develops the District 3 membership plan and calendar and works closely with the CGD. Reports are written and published to present relevant statistics and member projections (growth and shortfalls) to the members. This website will be utilized to recognize significant campaign winners and non-campaign efforts related to membership development. If you or your club has any membership questions or needs, please reach out to Kathy.

Club Coach

Kristy Hopper, PM2, IP1, is your Club Assist Chair. She has been in Toastmasters since October 2017 and was the C4 President’s Distinguished Area Director last year. She currently serves as the Chief Editor of the district newsletter, the Roadrunner, and is Vice President of Education for two clubs: From Pen to Podium and Tucson Bilingual Toastmasters. She has served in various club officer roles, facilitated at TLI, and is a two-time committee chair for conference. Kristy is excited to support struggling clubs and members interested in serving as a club coach for District 3.


As Club Assist Chair, Kristy is responsible for identifying struggling clubs qualifying for a coach and recruiting members to serve as a club coach. In order to earn a DTM (traditional program and Pathways), every member must serve as a club coach, mentor or sponsor. For more information, please visit the SMaC information page or the Club Coach page. If you have any questions regarding club coaches, please reach out to Kristy.


Club Eagle

Bettie A. Covington, DTM is your Club Eagle Chair. Bettie has been a Toastmaster since 2008 and is working on her third DTM. This one will be completed in Pathways. Bettie has served in a variety of District leadership roles, 10 of the last 11 years.

As Club Eagle Chair, Bettie is responsible for identifying clubs that qualify for an eagle and recruiting members to serve as an eagle. A club eagle is a Distinguished Toastmaster who helps a club with 13-15 members build and maintain membership to further strengthen the club. Club Eagles serves the club for eight weeks. If you have any questions regarding club  eagles, please reach out to Bettie.


Club Dues

Peggi Peaslee, ACS, ALS is your club dues chair. Peggi has been a Toastmaster since March 2016. Peggi has served in many club and district leadership positions, including club president and Navajo 1 Area Director. She is excited to help our members with their dues renewals in September and March.

As dues chair, Peggi is responsible for creating dues incentives, tracking dues renewals and awarding prizes to those who meet the incentives. Dues are collected in September (no later than September 30th) and March (no later than March 31st). If you have any questions regarding your club dues, please reach out to Peggi.