Club Growth Committee

The Club Growth Committee is excited to lead the charge for District 3 in achieving the dual goals of:

  • member and club retention (Club Assist, Club Eagles, Silver & Gold campaign), and
  • member and club building (Smedley, Talk Up Toastmasters, Beat the Clock, Bragging Rights)

We look forward to serving the members and clubs of District 3 to help them realize their goals…and recognize their successes.

The Club Growth Director is responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building, and member and club retention for District 3. This includes developing a marketing strategy, developing outreach and retention efforts with existing corporate
and community clubs, and penetrating new markets. The Club Growth Director, under the guidance of the District Director, makes the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. The Club Growth Director plans,
develops, implements and directs short-term and long-term district marketing objectives, and develops and directs programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion and membership retention. The Club Growth Director
promotes high standards of service to the member and to the club by recruiting, training and supervising a strong club-building team. Scroll down or click on the Club Growth Committee links in the sidebar to learn more.

Club Extension

The Club Extension Committee assists communities and organizations in forming new clubs. Speaks to the club charter process, delivers information and meets with potential club leaders, and arranges demonstration meetings.


The Membership Committee Chair establishes programs which help in the recruitment of new or former members to Toastmasters clubs within District 3.The membership committee chairs collects division membership information; prepares charts and reports for
the Club Growth Director and other district 3 officers.The Membership Committee Chair develops the District 3 membership plan and schedule working closely with the Club Growth Director, Membership Retention Chair, and the Membership Campaigns
Coordinator. Reports are written in a timely manner for relevant statistics and membership projections (growth and shortfalls). The District 3 website will be utilized to recognize significant campaign winners and non-campaign efforts related
to membership development.

Club Coach

Tedd Duymich, Club Coach Chair Club Coach Chair Tedd Duymich

Club Coach Application (PDF)

The Club Coach Chair assists clubs that are at significantly less-than charter strength (12 or less) membership enrollment with public relations and membership building activities and promotion of club health. These responsibilities include assisting
with recruiting and training club coaches.The Club Coach Chair helps facilitate the training sessions and enhances the current program. Also works closely with the division and area directors to identify clubs requesting/needing coaches. In
order to receive an Advance Leader Silver, every Toastmaster needs to serve as a club coach, a club mentor or a club sponsor.

Club Eagles (13 – 15 clubs)

The Situation:

District 3 presently supports clubs through the Area Directors, TLI and the Club Assistance Committee. The Club Assistance Committee recruits, trains and assigns Club Coaches to clubs with 0-12 members. Approximately 50% of District 3 clubs are Distinguished
or better each year. Approximately 50% of Club Officers in District 3 attend TLI. In many cases, even when a successful Club Coach helps a club become Distinguished and improve membership to 13-15 range, the club reverts to old habits and
membership falls to 0-12 again.


Once a Club Coach has helped improve club performance to Distinguished and membership to the 13-15 range, a smooth transition from a Club Coach to a DTM Club Eagle candidate will help guide the club to continued success. The DTM Club Eagle candidate should
serve the club, building new leaders and further promoting a club culture that will enable the club to be Distinguished each successive year.


  1. Club Eagles will be enlisted to serve clubs in the 13-15 range.
  2. Club Eagles MUST be DTMs. Interested Toastmasters who are not DTMs should be encouraged to complete their DTM before enlisting as Club Eagles. The purpose is to allow members to focus on their DTM goals while providing additional resources
    in the District mission to enhance existing clubs by using DTMs only.
  3. While encouraging the development of new club leaders, the measurable goals for Club Eagles are to increase club membership to 20 minimum, while achieving 5 or more Distinguished Club Plan goals. These goals are measured between the time
    spring club dues renewals are submitted and the end of the Toastmaster year on June 30th.
  4. It is understood that, in many cases, clubs with 12 or fewer members cannot be assisted by Club Coaches. I those cases, with the approval of the Club Assistance Chair, the District Lt. Gov. Marketing and the Club Eagle Chair, Club Eagles
    can be enlisted. These Club Eagle goals are the same as for a Club Coach net increase of 5 or more members above the club base on July 1st and the club achievement of 5 or more of the DCP goals.
  5. Clubs may be served by up to two (2) Club Eagles or a Club Eagle and a Club Coach in the case of clubs with 12 or fewer members.

As an incentive, the successful Club Eagle DTM will receive an Eagle medallion award presented by the District at the next District Conference.

Club Dues

The Club Dues Committee establishes programs which help to promote early dues payments by all clubs. The Dues Renewal Committee collects area, division, and district membership dues information, prepares reports and charts for the Club Growth Director,
Area Directors, Division Directors, and other District officers.The Club Dues Committee ensures clubs know the dues period deadlines, provide assistance to clubs with understanding the minimum required dues payments, the different dues payment
structures for clubs, and how dues payments are part of the DCP goals for clubs. The Club Dues Committee will recognize those Areas and Divisions whose clubs excel above other Areas or Divisions for dues renewals at key times during the Toastmaster