D3 Has a New Website!

D3 Website Has a New Look and Feel!

Enjoy the new look and feel of the District 3 (D3) Website! The District made a soft transition to the new website format at the beginning of December. It’s a nice refresh on the LOOK of our website. The website is no longer table based and there is no longer a separate URL for mobile users, the website optimizes your view based on the type of device you are using. Go out and explore the D3 website at www.aztoastmasters.org. We will be continuing to enhance the content of the D3 site in several phases over the coming months.

Pathways Is Here!Phase one of the website transition was timed to compliment a BIG CHANGE to the District – Our transition into the Pathways process. Take a look around here on the D3 website and explore. Under Members & Clubs, you will find tools for functionary roles and links to the PATHWAYS learning experience, the Pathways Navigator, and even the dedicated D3 Pathways website from which you can confirm the Pathways Ambassador and Pathways Guide assigned to your Club. Pathways is here! Start here to continue your journey with Pathways now.

One MAJOR CHANGE that you may have noticed is that the District 3 Events Calendar will no longer accept District 3 Logosubmittals or requests for postings of regular club meetings. We encourage all clubs INSTEAD to focus on using their club website to provide members, guests and casual observers who have found their club with current information regarding the club including MEETING THEMES, MEETING LOCATION, GUEST SPEAKERS, etc.

Clubs are encouraged to use social media to enhance awareness of club activities. Social Media actively maintained by the District include Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube.

If your club has a truly notable “event” such as an Open house, an Anniversary Celebration or a Special Presentation from a Toastmasters Dignitary from outside of District 3 or other such event that would serve the District membership, we would welcome your submission for a posting on the District Events Calendar.