Mike Cox, DTM is a storyteller known as “The Man from the Land of the Hand.” Originally from Michigan, Mike has performed at the Anchorage, AK Folk Festival, the Alaska Renewable Energy Fair, and the Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center. In 2016, Mike did a one-man benefit show for Friends of Historic Meridian in Okemos, Michigan, entitled “Zachariah Chandler and the Campaign of 1860.” Mike has been a Toastmaster for twelve and half years with no time off for good behavior. His home club is Market Masters Toastmasters in Phoenix and he also belongs to Blue Toastmasters, Showtime Toastmasters, and Think Tank Toastmasters. We all have stories in us. Great speakers and great leaders know how to craft great stories that can educate, inspire, and move others. Learn how to craft great stories.