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What is the purpose of a District Conference?

District Conference is an exciting educational and networking event for Toastmasters club members and guests. The purpose of the District Conference is to:

Conduct district business;

Provide communication and leadership training opportunities in support of the district mission;

Provide opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas; and

Recognize and celebrate member, club, and District accomplishments.

I have never attended a conference. Is there a session for first-time attendees?

Yes. First-time attendees are encouraged to arrive Friday afternoon in time to register and attend the 4:00 p.m. First Timer's Orientation.

You are also eligible to participate in the First Timers Contest.

This fun contest is an opportunity for our first-time attendees to meet fellow Toastmasters, District Officers, and Conference volunteers.

The winner of the contest is will receive a $50 gift card, and be designated as the First Timers Contest Chair for the 2019 Spring Conference.The format for the contest varies for each conference and is determined by the First Timers Chair.


Do I need to register for a full conference package or just the day I plan to attend?

See registration options below, and visit the registration web page for a cost breakdown for all conference packages at

Registration Options

Full Conference Packageis all-inclusive and includes all conference meals, as well as access to educational sessions, speech contests, the District Council Meeting, and the DTM ceremony.

Friday Night / Saturday Day Packageis for the Friday night dinner, including the Table Topics speech contest and DTM Ceremony, as well as the Hall of Fame lunch on Saturday, educational sessions, and the District Council Meeting

Registration Onlyincludes access to educational sessions, gallery seating at speech contests, the District Council Meeting, and DTM ceremony. This option does NOT include any meals.

Friday Only Packageincludes Friday dinner, plus the DTM ceremony and Table Topics speech contest. The District Council Meeting on Saturday is also included.

Friday Night Gallery Seatingincludes gallery seating for the Friday night Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) ceremony and the Table Topics contest. The District Council Meeting on Saturday is also included.

Saturday Only Packageis for all Saturday events, including lunch and dinner, access to educational sessions, the District Council Meeting, and the International speech contest.

Saturday HOF / C&L Luncheon includes the Saturday Hall of Fame (HOF) lunch, the Communication and Leadership (C&L) award ceremony, and the District Council Meeting.

Saturday HOF Gallery Seating – includes gallery seating for the Saturday Hall of Fame (HOF) lunch, and the District Council Meeting.

Saturday Dinner and Speech Contest – includes the District Council Meeting, Saturday dinner, and the International Speech Contest.

Saturday Gallery Seating – includes the District Council Meeting and gallery seating at the Saturday International speech contest.


Will there be assigned seating during general sessions and meals?

For general and educational sessions, there is no assigned seating; all seats are first come, first served.

For all meals, table seating is selected at registration during check-in.

How can my group sit together during lunch and dinner meals?

Members of your group should coordinate in advance to be seated at the same table.

What is the attire for the conference?

Attire for the conference in professional business dress during the day. Friday evening is semi-formal, Saturday evening is a formal event.

Women may choose to wear long formal dresses, cocktail dresses, or dressy pantsuits. Men may want to wear a tuxedo or a suit and tie (no jeans or shorts, please).


What is the general agenda?

Everyone is encouraged to arrive Friday afternoon to enjoy the full benefits of the conference.

Friday Agenda

Friday activities include the First Timers Orientation, General Reception, Banquet Dinner, Outstanding Club Member Recognition, DTM Ceremony, Table Topics Contest, and Friday Night Jazz (live).

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning begins with a Keynote Address by Patricia Fripp, followed by the Educational Sessions, the Fame Luncheon, Presentation of the Mayor’s Proclamation, C&L Award, Juris Kursulis Award, and Member Educational Awards.

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon activities include the –

Candidates Showcase and

District Council Annual Business Meeting.

Networking and relaxation opportunities are planned throughout the day.

Late in the afternoon results are posted for –

Business Meeting officer elections, and

Silent Auction winners


Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening –

Begins with a Social Reception, and Banquet Dinner. After dinner, winners are announced for the First Timer, Club Pride, and Table Decoration contests, followed by the International Speech Contest.


Breakfast Buffet and Leadership Presentation with Becky Van Fleet.

When should I arrive?

Those who have registered for the full conference should make plans to arrive Friday afternoon to get the most from the conference experience. Registration opens at 4 pm.


Will new DTM’s be recognized?

Yes. New DTM’s will be recognized and awards will be presented during the DTM Ceremony held after the Friday night banquet dinner that starts at 6:20 p.m.

Can New DTM’s invite guests to join them at the DTM awards ceremony or reception?

New DTM’s are encouraged to invite guests to the Friday evening Reception at 5:30 p.m., and the Friday night Banquet. All guests must register via the conference website at: 


Will Members Awards Be Recognize?

Yes, member educational achievements will be recognized during the Hall of Fame lunch on Saturday.

Will our clubs Outstanding Club Member be recognized?

Outstanding Club Members will be recognized in a slideshow prior, and during the Friday night banquet dinner.


Do I need to attend a District Council Meeting?

No, you are not required to attend a District Council Meeting. However, all voting members of the Council are strongly encouraged to attend to ensure the required quorum is reached.

Who can vote?

Voting members of the District Council are club presidents, and vice presidents education, or their proxies, plus members of the district executive committee: district director, program quality director, club growth director, the immediate past district director, public relations manager, administration manager, finance manager, division directors and area directors.

To be eligible to vote, both the individual Toastmaster and the club he or she belongs to must be in good standing (see Membership).

Who is entitled to one vote?

Each member of the district council or club proxy for the club president or vice president education in attendance at the District Council meeting.

Who is entitled to two votes?

Any active member who carries the proxies of both the club president and the vice president education from the club.

A Toastmaster belonging to two or more clubs may cast one vote for each of two clubs, but is limited to a maximum of two votes, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong.

All other Toastmasters (except members of the district executive committee) are limited to a maximum of two votes, regardless of the number of clubs to which they belong.

Who is entitled to three votes?

Any Toastmaster who is also a member of the district executive committee.

The maximum number of votes that any Toastmaster may cast is three, regardless of the number of clubs to which that Toastmaster belongs.

There is no provision for a member of the district executive committee to assign their proxy.

I am a club officer carrying my club’s vote. What do I do?

After you register, proceed to the Credentials Desk; the Credentials Chair will have the following:

  • A list of eligible clubs in the district.
  • A list of current district council members (club presidents, vice presidents’ education and district leaders eligible to vote).
  • Ballots, which indicate an office being contested or will be sequentially numbered for each contested election. Names of candidates nominated by the district leadership committee may be printed on district ballots. Names of floor candidates cannot appear on district ballots.



What is the Candidates Showcase?

The Candidates-Showcase event occurs before the District's Annual Business Meeting, and includes presentations by all district officer candidates.

  • Opposed officer and all director officer candidates are limited to a six-minute interview. Unopposed officer candidates are limited to a three-minute interview. District leaders submit questions to be asked of each candidate.
  • The presentation schedule, with the names of all nominated and known floor candidates for district office, is prepared by the district.

No census or poll is taken of delegates at a Candidates-Showcase.

What is Club Pride?

Club Pride is an opportunity for club members to demonstrate the pride they have in their club during the conference, while participating in a competition for recognition and valuable prizes (Toastmasters International gift certificates).

Various activities, such as donating a club basket for the Silent Auction/Raffle Room, submitting a club banner photo, pre-registering for Conference, and attendance by club member and first-timers, will earn points in the Club Pride contest.

Displaying a club poster with promo items and flyers, and showing up with creative attire (e.g., buttons, t-shirts, etc.) can also earn points in the Club Pride competition.

Have fun, be inspired, and bring your club spirit to Conference.

What is the Spring Conference Table Decorating Contest?

The Table Decoration Contest is where participating clubs create a unique silk floral centerpiece featuring our conference theme “Blazing a New Path to Success.”

The Centerpieces will be displayed in the Crescent Ballroom at 2018 Spring Conference for all to admire.


How can I become a conference Volunteer?

Email the Volunteer Committee Chair – Martha Brock-Leftridge at Âgro1550389303.sret1550389303samts1550389303aotza1550389303@mrp1550389303


Who should I contact to place a club or business advertisement in the souvenir program or have my name listed in the souvenir program as a donor?

Contact Clayton Corey at *protected email* or Angela Poe at gro.s1550389303retsa1550389303mtsao1550389303tza@s1550389303rosno1550389303pS1550389303.

For a $50 fee, you can have your name listed in the Main Program.


Where do I go if I have questions related to the conference?

Conference or registration questions should be sent to Catherine Norman, 2018 Spring Conference Chair, at gro.s1550389303retsa1550389303mtsao1550389303tza@e1550389303cnere1550389303fnoc.1550389303gnirp1550389303s1550389303 or Michelle Laws, Registration Chair, at moc.o1550389303ohay@155038930334swa1550389303lm1550389303.